Paul August 4, Each of these MXMs are the same size and shape and will fit the space allocated for them inside your notebook. Already have an account? I’ve also done my best to scale each photo so their relative size differences are plainly visible. If you don’t see a similar output, with the differences being the size, CRC32 and obviously the GOP, then be wise and report it. You flashed both cards successfully?

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VGA Bios Collection | TechPowerUp

You may be cwrd to get a custom MSI version that will fit your notebook from eBay or dard grey market sources. It is actually a good decision to prevent running of an exe from the download folder. If you don’t have Python installed, the GOPupd. Now I get higher bandwith and range with that mod, I can also plug in a high gain external antenna letting me reach Wifi networks a few kilometers away if needed.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. No replacing yet, missing samples. The vbios was compiled in August So before upgrading to a new MXM graphics card for your laptop, you should be aware of the following things:. I have tested this on my end and it produced a valid file, everything is in order. You should always drop the file on the. Lordkag and I replied at the same time.


If anyone wants a 64 bit version, I can provide one, but I don’t really see the advantage for a small script. Akshat Verma November 22, But, according to MSI, there are just too many differences between the 9-series and the series to make a similar upgrade kit possible.

Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Can you make to work that vbios with a vbios patcher?

Thank you once again for the wonderful work SLV7. I want to know how to fix black screen after sleeping using m. Sign In Sign Up.

Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops

It is a HP Touchsmart Home Help Search Login Register. But mzm killer problem here is that theand dGPU is mounted in a different location with respect to the edge connector.

If you have any queries regarding MXM graphics cards then please leave a comment below, and I will try my best to answer it and clear your doubts. It seems my intuition was right and I can’t really commit to an extended support of this thread, because there will always be users who skip the introduction.


Video BIOS Collection

Already have an account? I hope this makes the issues of MXM upgrades a bit more clear. I presume you’re using a 3 copper heatsink? Goo the files are 32 bit and was tested on Win7 x64, so it should work on every system, in theory.

The techpowerup database should be used only as a last resort and only if it is a newer version and ONLY IF it is compatible with your card.

It’s kinda hard for me to figure out what’s wrong, I never installed Win8 so far, and I don’t have a similar system to check the bios settings in detail. Some info in this thread is not correct. Yeah 14k with a M17x R4! I have only a gol samples of Apple images and no intention of supporting them. Then there’s still the question of having adequate power.

Hello, woah – really cool stuff, can’t believe that the community is again faster than dell self. The is a special case.