I have used this club with an adjustment to my grip.. I also received a prompt reply to my request to price my RBZ Driver, I checked with my Golf Club and they do work with Golfbidder, I am still considering their reasonable offer. I adjusted my swing and took a long smooth back swing and followed through the ball – wow. A dampening web, made of soft aluminium and high tech bonding compound soaks up harsh vibration for a phenomenally soft feel at impact. My 5 wood is steel and straight from tee or fairway this one is graphite and good off the tee but I cant get on with it on the fairway. The shaft is only really shop-soiled and could almost be passed ‘As New’. It flew into the air and seemed to keep going!

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Not sure whether it is supposed to be like that or what since the other clubs seems ok. The r7 Draw has been engineered to help players of all types either hit the ball longer by hitting a draw, or hit the ball longer by straightening a slice. Part of the reason I felt safe going with the Hogan… hogan is a cc head… like the … I kept loosing the TM right!! After reading these reviews I am very excited to see what happens! Very forgiving club even if you don’t catch it right on every hit, e7draw as a novice, i tend to do frequently.


Well I just ordered one off of E-bay for The course was the most challenging I have played. For those of you who want to cure a slight fade and obtain a slight draw this is the club to buy.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I recommend Discount golf in Hartswood, Essex. I just purchased a really good condition R7 after playing my A e7draw web, made of soft aluminium and high tech bonding compound soaks up harsh vibration for a phenomenally soft feel at impact.

My clubs got stolen, so with my insurance money I am looking at getting an R7 Draw Driver and 3 Wood.

Great service, good value, fast, efficient and timely. I’ve always had a slight left to right in my shots and was told about this club. It may or may not still have the wrapping on, but the club has never been used. Design and Technology The TaylorMade r7 Draw is obviously designed for golfers who have trouble keeping the ball away from the right side of the golf course.

On writing this review I have played 3 rounds with this club. I am an intermittant player who has worked to correct a bannana slice. My iron play was poor yesterday on the back nine — bad back not helping — and I took a 6 at a par 3 and an 8 on a par 4 hit irons into woods on both occasions.

Taylor Made r7 Draw

Inverted Cone Technology expands the COR zone for increased average ball speed for consistently greater distance. Travel Bags Shoe Bags. Combined with the light-weight shaft, my tendency to get the r7xraw stuck behind me resulting in a wide open clubface at impact has been greatly reduced.


If not, you could very well clear a fence and hit cars ect. My entire game has improved because of my mental confidence off the tee.

So when the swing goes bad it is one of the first things I check. Bought the r7 and immediately hit it long and straight. Slicers leave the clubface open relative to their swing path, so anything that helps them close the clubface is a welcome improvement.

There r7raw an R7 Draw for sale, but I was just wondering. My driving is great and hopefully the handicap will start to come down. Naturally I tend to hit the ball straight, but when I miss hit, the ball will fade or slice.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. The draw technology on this club ensure that if your prone like I am to fading somtimes a little sometime a lot then this club adds great confidence to your strike! Hit another, same result. These specifications are also available for left-handed golfers. Any advice is much appreciated. About 2 nights ago I purchased a r7 Draw.