Below is some measured data from the system. Results 1 to 15 of Thank you very much Cooky! This would be mounted to a LeCleac’h horn I would make to cover the midrange. At this point, the system was still mono as I hadn’t finished sanding the second horn and hadn’t built a second subwoofer yet. Send a private message to der geile ami.

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The directivity index is also much smoother there. I was asked off-forum my opinion on this topic thread and I think I have some useful and real world experience to add to the thread.

Obviously I needed another driver to bridge the gap between the subwoofer and the midrange horn. Send a private message to der geile ami. Send a private message to clubman5. Because of the increased sensitivity and lower distortion, much lower crossover points can be used. Page 1 of 4. By johnaec in forum General Audio Discussion.

How much for a JBL HPL?

Not to mention the truex is a little cheaper than the phragm, last I looked. Please login or register. I cobbled together a stand for the driver to place it above the midrange horn and retuned the top end of the system. Together, the voice coil and diaphragm comprise a moving mass of just 0. The time now is I am currently working on a volume control and display using an arduino to talk to the miniSharc, replacing the 22435 board from miniDSP.


I also use with Truextent Be on H horns and enjoy good flat clean output up to about 14khz where I let them roll off naturally. That diaphragm can only do so much till it says “no more”.

All times are GMT I’m really glad to hear all this ’cause I’m expecting my H drivers tomorrow! The system looked like this: Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.

Originally Posted 24355 Alex Lancaster. It wasn’t horrible, but nothing special. All times are GMT I have measured some horns that at a glance look just like every other horn out there, but are actually a POS.

The BMS neodymium drivers offer a more defined sound than the ceramic drivers. This JBL driver is used in the Vertec system.

JBL 2435HPL Driver 125-30001-00X

The single subwoofer used is the primary output limitation on the system. What can raise some eyebrows though, is why is there a need to dampen a beryllium diaphragm?

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Heres my observations between the two; BOTH have ferro fluid. Anyway I do only guess here as I don’t have and drivers. Rather than a measure of loudspeaker efficiency, it is a measure of the amount of gain I have in the system.


Curtis, 243 quick search of the JBL site shows the cost and replacement diaphragm part number. To sand the horn, I built myself a hand-held spindle sander by buying some parts from a Grizzly spindle sander and fabricating a tube and motor mount to attach them to a W AC servo motor.