Scholarship Edition make sure you patch this game fully Metal Gear Solid: Raidriar Dec 4, Might be worth a try:. Anonymous June 26, at I’ll edit this thread with more games soon. Thanks for the very fast reply! I played all these games without using the modded drivers.

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Anonymous October 1, at 5: I saw some gameplay videos and info about running on GMA DmC AKA Devil May Cry 5 runs fps after modifying the engineconfig file, I don’t have it on my PC anymore but I remember changing the world and environment gqming maximum size to 64 mb, making the whole world textures kinda blurry but I left the character textures as it is and I managed to turn on special effects and shadows after that.

Scholarship Edition make sure you patch this game fully Metal Gear Solid: Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit.

Positive experiences using the Intel GMA MHD graphics

Furthermore, switchable graphics are only supported in the GM45 chipset. Yes, my password is: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 works pretty good without any tweaking.


FPS – first number is minimal fps during gameplay and fps in brackets are usual range during gameplay Playable 1 – awful, 2 – not good, 3 – mediocre, 4 – almost perfect, 5 – perfect Not playable runs but not playable because it runs slow Not working cannot start and cannot run at all Games I’m talking thin and light, with a But my opinion on “can game run better”, I think it can’t Inetl understand, I don’t expect to be running things on high settings.

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands runs pretty smooth fps on low settings.

GMA MHD – What games can it REALLY run? | NotebookReview

I like gaming and know a lot about games not braggingbut I like older games more, so I am not fast at testing newer ones Didn’t play it personally though.

Rin Tomokazu August 21, at 8: In ever you got time please try it Therefore here I am asking for people who have used a MHD for their experiences. Anonymous July 22, at 3: Windows 7 Experience Index 4500nhd Gaming graphics. Add the game ganing D3D list and play. And here I was Raidriar Dec 4, Log in to post comments.


Here’s the games I’ve played or tried:. Acer Aspire One I would also like to know 5400mhd computer setup you have. I don’t know, I didn’t test it.

Those worked with my Intel GMA card and mine was an older version. Crysis 2 runs, but I don’t know is it good Reign of Chaos Warcraft 3: World of Tanks v8 I did it with config file Anonymous December 19, at 5: The trick I’ve found is to use the latest Intel drivers with this card. Powered by Blogger and Manifest.