Indeed, those conditions allow for the club to travel underneath the ball and produce sky shots. June 11, Paul Wilson Log in to Reply. If you believe that your driver issues are being caused by teeing the ball too high, you should be able to fix this problem pretty quickly and easily. The golfers you see on TV almost always wind up well-balanced over their left leg as they watch the ball sail through the air, and you should be aiming for the same kind of finish. All the best, Chris Rasmussen cras gmail. In connection to the ball sitting up in the rough situation presented above, failing to keep your upper body angle constant throughout the swing can lead to sky shots. Instead, give your club to the friend who is going to help you.

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Is the head ahead of the ball the only reason for skied shots or could there be other reasons? Following are three common causes of skying the driver off the tee —. Yes, the head will move back for all clubs. You are never going to play your best golf if you are constantly worried about skying your driver off the tee.

Correcting Your Tee Height.

Stop Skying The Ball Forever

Sorry, this content is for members only. When you control the position of your right knee, you will be limiting the amount of shoulder turn you can make away from the ball. In reality, there are a number of potential causes for this frustrating mistake. Your hitting down on the ball — and sky shot issues — may be caused by a simple ball positioning issue. It is definitely behind the ball at impact in every pro with every club regardless if they move their head back or not.


Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air

Having the ball too low to the ground on a driver swing is even worse than having it too high, so you need to learn how to strike a perfect balance. One of the best ways to shorten your backswing effectively is to control the position of your right knee. Therefore, the first place to look at is the height of the tee itself.

Tightening Up Your Backswing. Top tip – If tl find this height is still too high, tee the golf ball up slightly lower than suggested. Every golfer has been there. When to grip down on your club. You then have to look at the damage for the rest of the time you have the driver.

When you go back to hitting balls, remember the feelings that you had during this drill and your right knee should remain in check. Skying the ball when it is sitting up in the rough is akin to hitting a shot fat.

How To Stop Skying The Ball

This will be high enough to strike the ball cleanly, however not too high to get under the golf ball too much. You can do this drill at home, or at the golf course — it’s up to you. Even though the ball is long gone by the time you reach the finish, that position will tell you a lot about the success or failure of your golf swing.

Indeed, in all instances the bottom of the swing arc will be too low relative to the position of the ball. This is another common amateur mistake, so you are certainly not alone if your lower body isn’t quite stoop the job as you move through the ball.


Making this mistake doesn’t mean that you are a terrible golfer — it just means that you are human. Getting mad won’t make the problem any better, so take a deep breath and think through your swing logically until you deciding what it causing the ball to fly straight up into the air.

How To Stop Skying The Ball

Here is a tip I did on it: Your body naturally responds to different movements within your golf swing to deliver the club to the ball at precisely the right moment. Stip you have been going along playing a good round only be to interrupted by this shocking mistake, your confidence may not recover right away. A competing guideline states that the very bottom of the ball should square off against the top edge of the driver. You make a confident, aggressive swing down through the ball, you look up — and you can’t find the ball.

While the golfer may not realize it a golf sitting high in a fluffy lie will be quite higher than it would be if it were found in the middle of the fairway.

While there are many specific scenarios that can explain why a shot was skyed, all share a common root cause. A sstop found towards the middle of the stance instead will see the club catching the ball on a descending blow instead of after the bottom of the swing arc is reached, while the club is rising up. This can easily be achieved through gripping down on the club slightly.