Now we have two possibilites. If you load a driver or a tsr program you should always try to load them into the UMB with the lh statement. It will help you in the future when modifying this file again. So disabling this option can speed up your disk system a bit. If you use windows mainly you will not need this programm, since windows has its own built in file cache. If you have completed your work reboot your machine after a pause of 15sec to give smartdrive time to flush its buffer. Programm output however is of course not disabled.

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The screen would just go black, I would see the “no signal” message from the monitor followed by mxs re-boot, Scan Disk, etc. Watch out for another tutorial on how to use 4DOS, which I will write in the near future.


If you do not want to compress your xme, you can often obtain more space by partitioning the disk by means of the program FDISK. I suggest you measure the speed of your hard disks if you xm more than one and set the temp directory to the fastest drive.

The PC design was not really prepared for this and most software still used textmode. But you should not expect any speed increase wonders. In fact Microsoft has prepared their software for the things we want to do. And hardware manufactores supplied drivers for their products, and soon the complete PC world only wanted Windows. Commercial- and shareware-programs that can make disk partitioning without loss of data are available, for example PowerQuest’s PartitionMagic.


If the FSB is correctly clocked, under clock it to see if the himem.sus goes away. So every line behaves just as is you would have typed in on your keyboard.

Useful DOS utilities

States the name of the 1. Notice that emm is normally installed by setup. Use the corresponding files in the DOS directory instead. I suggest that you order your file in the way that set, prompt, path etc. If for instance a DOS game will not run under a standard installation of Windows 9x, this can often be solved by disabling the automatic start of Windows 9x in this way, and then starting the program before loading Windows 9x.

No here comes a problem. However if you have to use EMS you can modify your config. Now it is time to look at the third part in the boot process the autoexec. You will notice that himem now boots in 0.

Two very usefull programs. This option will show a nice menu at startup and you can choose between various configurations. Try this MSKB document http: Each section starts with a key word in brackets himem.syys.


So cdrom is first followed by eansi.

– Wikipedia

If you think you’re an config. If you are using Windows95 you will have noticed that you can start a DOS shell from the desktop. So we want to order it at first.

If you type mode co80 and press enter you will get the classic command prompt. And we don’t need any of them.

But if you have some hard disks, cd-rom, and perhaps other removable media drives installed f can lead to a problem. If you want to use DOS, smartdrive can be of use for you. Daily use of defrag is surely overkill. Results 1 to 10 of Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This reduces the amount of space wasted by each of the files on the disk.

The memory in between is normally not used by any cards you might have installed except perhaps some very old network cards.