This router is also the dhcp server. There’s been some conflicting information as to whether the RTLE works or not, fortunately I managed to get it working after days of frustration using this guide here some wonderful soul uploaded a compiled driver: I think the 4 port is the nct. So it depends on how long that wait would be. This return it to the initial screen I get with the 11 options as well as the following printed below:. I try to find re0 but no interface return so how can i manual assign this interface? Submit a new link.

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After you’ve uploaded it you’ll have to realtwk it from the command line to test it. I did a test install of ESXi 5 for the hell of it, but reverted back to a straight pfSense install. Using 1 MSI messages re1: Is there an expansion slot you can use? If you freenaz want to run without VMWare there could still be other options. Install went fine, system boots to the menu but gives me the message “No configured interfaces 8111 found. The SMP with 4 cores is also working.


I also try to load some driver into kernel and now continue find solution…If don’t want to buy another mainboard. Anything “lost in translation” so to speak is minimal in your case. R ead T he F antastic M anual.

FreeNAS + RealTek E? | [H]ard|Forum

Tried to do it manually with this guide http: Yes, the RTLE is supported. You should really be trying to compile the driver on FreeBSD 8. Found this on BSD forum. I tried pinging my router which it is connected to via ethernet.

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Has anyone dealt with this before, or is anybody a guru who can suggest some other things to try? Our Mission As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity 8111f maintains both security and privacy.

That way there’s less room for misunderstandings. I am happy to hear read your info. However it’s just an alternative to uploading a file any other freennas like scp for example.

Also, any Intel Pro will work fine as well. Anyone had any luck getting a Realtek NIC running on ver 9.

Realtek 8111E

Machine has now arrived and installed. I know the NIC and the switch are fine. Since this topic still comes up in Google searches: If you do a ifconfig re0, what is the output?


Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Found some recommendations about cooling: Will edit with screenshots if i can. Performance seems good regardless. If your VMWare solution works well enough I suggest you stick with that.

FreeNAS + RealTek 8111E?

I have been looking at few different solutions including a MB with Intel chipset but it all ends up with a risky situation that all parts, when put together, maybe doesn’t work well. This return it to the initial realtrk I get with the 11 options as well as the following printed below:.

I also faced with problem of onboard nic. Getting help with your problem is a lot easier when everyone uses the correct terminology.

Any recommendations on this, anyone?