After this operation, 1,kB disk space will be freed. After all hardworks I got the sound working properly, but when I compare the output quality it just sounded worse quality compare to the sound output from Windows 7. I am a total nube when it come to Linux. Hi Ikjoel, Really appreciate you trying to help. I have used Blender VSE to edit some video clips together with some music and pictures and everything seemed to work, until I tried to render the thing with sound multiplex enabled in Blender. This is how I did it: Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection.

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>>>>>> ETHERNET DRIVERS <<<<<<

This is the output from what you suggested: Here is what the “aplay -l” outputs: Hi all I recently had a brain cramp while playing around, and told Phonon to forget my sound card s. Sound Preferences doesn’t show any Input Devices. Also play with the PulseAudio Volume Control, in particular the profile selected in the hardware tab.

I remember I used to see the multiple graphic equalizer in this part after typing alsamixer on the terminal. No pulseaudio installed just Alsa. It now appears to be working. First You have to look up which audio drivers these are imbeded into your generic kernel are loaded.


Do not try this with an later Ubuntu than Lucid Allright, here’s the problem: I tried fixing it, but only seemed to make the problem worse. I have had sound before with Natty, so I know sound works or at least it can! Then reinstall all the alsa sound emachihes gnome mixer utility’s and so one. But with it being out of commission at this very moment I am unable to get it for you.

eMachines N-12 XP Drivers Complete

I may now have to monkey around with saving the sound settings if this doesn’t work. I too have the via88xx so any other ways of aquiring the drivers would be appreciated. Of course its quality is far worse than the CA so I gotta get this fixed somehow. Next, I did the updates, which included a flash update, then opened firefox and went to web site for The Daily Show, which uses flash.

Only the “Analog Surround 5.

Emachines E642 Free Driver Download

Si Modem [Si Modem] Subdevices: It stopped working again. I followed the steps presented in this thread to configure the alsa-mixer only PCM out was available.


That’s the end of that: When I upgraded emachinex 8. I’m still a newbie when it comes to Ubuntu let alone Linux at largeand within the past couple of days the sound suddenly stopped working on my PC. Close out and you should be good. If it is of any help to anybody: However, the output of “aplay -l” 32866 to show what looks like 2 cards, unless I’m understanding things correctly. After I reboot though, everysound goes away.

Ubuntu 64 bit – fresh install with no audio! I got errors while compiling ALSA drivers. Any help would be appreciated. Try this in a Terminal window copy and paste: Hi Chaos, Unfrotunately the link to the alsa eamchines page appears to be down.