Reply i reboot server and is ok Reply Hello! Wenn es allerdings um Mails geht, kann man echt daran verzweifeln. The userdb lookup is also done by LDA to find out how to deliver mails for the user. Research and poking around indicates this is because the userdb is static, and not querying the sql. If you deliver to john example.

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This documentation is for Dovecot v2. It may still be useful as a virus scanner if you want to protect Windows users but it is no longer covered in this tutorial. Now one can find this fix on dovecot. You can decide that yourself. If the args parameter in passdb sql and userdb sql contain the exact same filename, only one SQL connection is used for both passdb and userdb lookups.

Thank you for commenting. However, my mail server has been run for 5 months without issues as such. Thank you so very much for this great tutorial!! User unknown in virtual mailbox table. Yes, I tried all of those tests.


User Databases

This may be useful for shared mailboxes. What to do if the user was found from the userdb default: Reply Apparently you found the work in progress.

Reply i have problem ep 24 This is perfectly fine. Wenn es allerdings um Mails geht, kann man echt daran verzweifeln. Melde mich per Mail. The current Wheezy tutorial deals with Wheezy’s Dovecot version which is 2. Kind regards Peter Reply Well, at least the Squeeze maildir already used the additional “Maildir” level.

Any chance to get an update on that in the near future? Lua script for authentication v2. I can mostly read but not write fluently in German, so I will use English for the rest of the mail. But the solution from Darren did not help me at all.

Setting up Dovecot –

Reply Thanks for a concise tutorial. It would not work inside the conf. Your email address will not be published.

doveccot In order to make thunderbird happy when connecting with ssl using the free startssl certificate, dovecot and postfix need the intermediate ca certificate www. Thanks again, for all your good work! Sage nichts — ich kenne deine Situation: Last, if post-login scripting is usedit may modify the settings if wanted.


These namespaces are folder structures that your email program sees when connecting to the mail server. I have done the tutorial for Squeeze 2 times before and thought I was able to do it. Reply Only way I could figure out how userdv get this to work is to move the code into the dovecot-sql. If you already have emails stored on your server from previous versions of this ISPmail guide you need to change: Then set doveot ssl.