This is crucial in desktop productivity uses where natural interaction with a mouse or touchscreen is required. It detects monitors connected through a DisplayLink device and presents them to the operating system for example Windows as if they were normally attached monitors. Please drop us a message using our Contact Us page, and tell us your problem. Windows 10 S has been designed not to run standalone executables, like the installer below. If you are in IT and want to see the advantages DisplayLink technology can bring to corporate IT, see our advantages here. Outbound link Link Still having problems??

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L 7″ Touchscreen Monitor

Interested in Solutions from Elo? An on-board frame buffer means the DisplayLink driver only needs to send changes to the screen content. Here’s how it works: Touchscreen sealed to bezel; Touchscreen sealed to LCD. This is crucial in desktop productivity uses where natural interaction with a mouse or touchscreen is required.

Coaxial power jack 2 mm pin diameter, 6. What’s in the Box. Interested in Custom Products from Elo? Want to hear about new releases? This driver includes support for the USB video and audio and Ethernet drivers for the DisplayLink chip used in devices.

USB Monitors

All software and utilities available for download through this page are provided by third party software vendors pursuant to license agreements or other arrangements between such vendors and the end user. Regulatory approvals and declarations.


DisplayLink has partnered with Actual Tools to bring you a better way to use and manage multiple monitors on Windows! Drivers for additional devices on your dock, adapter or monitor such as third party Ethernet, audio, touch screen or wireless USB drivers must be downloaded separately from the Displaykink ‘s website.

This site requires Javascript. USB on Mini-B receptacle. We aim to reply to your message within working days. That is why it is always recommended to update to the latest driver versions for your operating system. The optional web camera or three-track magnetic stripe reader MSRprogrammable to either HID or keyboard emulation USB only offer easy installation by the user, providing an elegant, integrated solution.

Windows Driver Downloads

JavaScript didplaylink to be disabled in your browser. Please enable Javascript or use an alternative browser. DisplayLink powers graphics in both DisplayLink Benefits Common Questions. Outbound link Link Still having problems??

You are solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of the data and equipment used in connection with any of the software, and LilliputUK will not be liable for any damages that you may suffer in connection with using, modifying or distributing any displaylik the software. Our code is under constant review, and updates in our application and included libraries are made ttouchscreen address any potential security issue, fix bugs, improve performance and add new features.


Lilliput UK disclaims any responsibility for or liability related to the software. The OS then creates frame buffers for each display and the OS puts the display content there. It can also adapt the compression so that the link is shared equitably with other services while maintaining high quality. Specifications Technical Part Number touchscree.

DisplayLink demos Intel Merrifield-powered device USB to Touchscreen

Tiuchscreen Cable Kit 2. Why is DisplayLink unique? This site requires Javascript. Windows 10 S has been designed not to run standalone executables, like the installer below. The small format L can serve as a second customer-facing display in retail environments, a main displaulink for applications requiring a small screen or an end-cap shelf display, or as a personal gaming screen that is part of a larger interactive gaming table.

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