Even this positioning has been disputed for some time, but the sure thing is that adding a strip or two of lead tape will have virtually no effect on shot direction. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Most amateur golfers will be comfortable with a neutral swing weight of D I love how this composition feels, and certainly have done my share of experimentation. An average off the shelf men’s golf club would have a swingweight of around D0 whilst the standard manufactured swingweight for ladies club is approximately C6. Golf Club Repair Information. Swing Weight in Golf Clubs.

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Swing-weight is not a measurement of total weight.

The Club House :: Erie’s Golf Club Mechanic

Swingweight scale assumes standard grip. The position of this sliding weight against the swingweight scale indicates the swingweight of the club. I recommend lead tape because it can be applied and removed quickly without taking apart the entire club.

But, in reality, the addition of the amount of lead tape that is usually put on a golf club has little, if any, noticeable effect on ball trajectory or direction. What does C9 mean?

You currently have javascript disabled. Information on Swing Cahnge in Golf Clubs. Should one of your customers want to try to fine tune his or her clubs with lead tape, be sure to explain how much tape adds what amount of weight.

How to Change Swing Weights

Any addition of weight or reduction in weight will change feel swintweight. Posted 20 March – Well put a heavy grip swingweightt it will feel light. The simple fact is — despite what players or certain magazine articles may tell you — lead tape, used in reasonable quantity, adds weight only and has little effect on playability. You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfWRX such as viewing all the images, interacting with members, access to all forums and eligiblility to win free giveaways.


How to Change the Swing Weight of a Golf Club

Very light for a midsize grip. He has contributed to a variety of national and local publications, specializing in sports writing.

Each is cast cnange forged to that specific weight, give or take a few grams. Put a heavier grip on and you just fool the scale. Professional and skilled amateur golfers are more likely to use clubs with high swingweights, which may be difficult to balance for recreational golfers.

The lighter the shaft, the heavier the swingweight. Installing a larger or smaller grip will affect the swingweight in swingwsight same manner as adding tape near the grip. Conversely a club that is too light will be harder to control and keep on the correct path throughout the swing. As a general guideline, most tour pros prefer their wedges to play around D6, their irons around D4, and their woods around D2.

Place strips of lead tape on your clubhead. From a feel perspective, a difference between 2 swingweight points can be detected by only the best players, swingweight differences of 1 point are virtually imperceptible to cahnge player. If a large amount of weight, say 10 grams or more could be redistributed somewhere on the club head, then, perhaps some playability differences could be found.


Please swingweighg javascript to access full functionality. Even this positioning has been disputed for some time, but the sure thing is that adding a strip or two of lead tape will have changee no effect on shot direction. While it will changs uniformly agreed that the application of lead tape will cause a feel difference, there will be virtually no playability difference.

That doesn’t mean that it will affect it’s performance, and you shouldn’t make other changes to compensate. Adding weight near the grip may give you a more comfortable feel. I know this might seem overwhelming to the newcomer, but I have plenty of tutorials regarding this topic, so work your way through them, and I promise everything will start to make more sense!

Detroit, Michigan Ebay ID: City of Champions Handicap: In essence, it won’t have a big impact unless you swigweight to go to a Jumbo Maxx or Enlow grip.