Filters cannot be used with the wide attachment. Sorry I just rotate that knob on mine till it goes. Checking Supplied Accessories The serial number of this product can be found at the battery attachment unit of the camcorder. They are local in NJ. Connect the camcorder to the analog video device. Do not touch the lens to avoid smudges and fingerprints. This was one of the cheapest camera’s when I bought it in very cheap as compared to all the other cameras, no night shot, not anti shake blah blah, but it was cheap.

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The camcorder shuts off when you do not operate it for 5 minutes to save power.

If you play back a tape that has been recorded in LP mode with another digital device on this camcorder, or vice versa, picture and sound may become distorted.

I’ll take more care in the cnaon and if I suspect such I’ll toss up a link about what this cable might look like or ask the member for a link to what they are using. I am feeling ripped off!

When you have finished printing: Record picture perfect moments in high definition widescreen with this MiniDV camcorder, thanks to the When you play back a tape, you can display the data code and select the data code combination you wish to display. This item doesn’t belong on this page.


Canon ZR200 Camcorder User Manual

Back to Video Cameras forum 2 total posts. Computer with IEEE port 6. Press and release the The camcorder rewinds the tape, plays back the last few seconds, and returns to record pause mode. The same type of firewire capture card is needed to be installed on the computer as well. Page 47 – The picture may not csnon smooth when played back.

If you play back a widescreen recording on a normal TV, the image appears horizontally squeezed. In record pause mode, this function allows you to review the last few seconds of your recording to check if it has been recorded properly. Zooming The camcorder is equipped with optical zoom and digital zoom. Image Size x The DV terminal serves as output terminal only.

Remember that these are canpn volunteer forums.

Specifications for the ZR200 and ZR300

Page Operating Mode Thank you for writing back to us. Turn off the digital effect when you do not use it. Precautions related to the camcorder operation. After so much experimentation and head scratching, I think I found the problem.


Canon Camcorder ZR User Guide |

Hope it sees your camera. The error may be temporary. Cancel printing, disconnect the USB cable and turn off the printer. Displaying Date and Time during Recording You can display the date and time in the lower left corner of the screen. Windows Vista Home Premium. Using The Night Modes 3. If a memory card is formatted, all still images and movies, even protected ones, will be erased permanently.

If so, is Firewire the only way of transferring Video to my PC?


Page 81 Copyright Signal Certain software tapes are copyright protected. I am concerned with how many powercords I will need to buy and return before I find the right one. They are local in NJ. Turn off cabon devices before starting the connections.

The lens captures more area, allowing me to forgo using a wide angle lens.