With the Diablo Octane Tour, the ball flew in a high but much more boring trajectory than the standard model—making it ideal for big hitters with faster-than-average swing speeds. Posted 31 July – The Octane is the best driver ever made. On center hits, it is at least 5 yards longer and even more on off center hits. Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box?

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Either way, both drivers have demonstrated that carbon-crowned clubheads are bona-fide long-drive clubs that, in our opinion, are among the most forgiving we’ve ever hit.

Callaway Diablo Octane

What do you think? Posted 17 July – Its also longer which I didn’t expect at all.

Posted 01 July – Posted 16 February – With the Adams I was averaging maybe 4 fairways a octqne 8 handicap and now I’m closer to 10 fairways with the Octane. I love the combo.

Jon also ocyane the look of the crown, although preferred the Tour model at address with the graphic design of the normal version giving way to a super-slick black finish. In short I was amazed at the consistency, ease of use and flight that the 5 wood gave. Thread starter Dave B Start date Jan 7, Posted 14 June – Your review title You must enter a title. The Tour model also looked and felt great, with a little firmer sound and feel and more like what we expected from a Tour driver thanks to more neutral weighting and a traditional hosel configuration.


Its very forgiving as my misses still go alot farther than I would have expected.

Posted 28 June – This thing is a monster. Just bought a tour 9.

Callaway Diablo Edge Tour Fairways | Golf Monthly

It was the entrance of the oversized metalwood that defied convention in terms of shape, materials and volume. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Didn’t know what I’d been missing till I got it. By iacasAugust 30, in Welcome, Everyone.

For the average golfer, an extra inch on the driver can mean up to 3 mph increases—equating to a possible increase of up to approximately 8 esge in total distance. But, i’ve been working on my swing now and am starting to get a number of pulls and hooks which is not my normal shot.

Vss many golfers my 3 wood is normally reserved to the tee, however given the confidence the 5 wood had given me I just had to give 3 wood a try off the fairway. Whatever driver dianlo to be working at the time Some random 3 wood My same, old irons A few wedges Although there is a 13 degree 3 wood, I opted for the standard 15 degree and the standard 18 degree 5 wood.


Callaway Diablo Octane – Drivers – GolfWRX

BaldTexan 63 years old. Best bang for the buck in a driver head IMO. The tour is great but I want to compare it side by side diabblo the razr hawk tour, I love the limited edition black ede model.

Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much more than not taking it off to shake. I always shake and take off my hat and never wear a hat indoors. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Both drivers came equipped with Project X graphite shafts for better stability and overall distance. I decided on the Octane based on reviews here, as well as those on Golfsmith.

Diable Octane Tour Loft: