The SIMM sockets on these boards are usually very cheap and the retaining tabs can break easily. Some CT are actually a crippled SB Seems to work nicely playing in Windows. Unfortunately, these additional voices are achieved via software-based processing on the system CPU. Models without RAM upgradeability: As such, Creative had no control over their sale.

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Unfortunately, during this card’s time, the issue of compatibility with older legacy DOS applications accessing PCI audio cards had not been ideally addressed. Unfortunately the SB card suffers from the “hanging notes” bug too. There’s also a heatsink attached to a chip that is folder over?

The O is the output pin, the I is the ground pin. Why get an AWE32?

Seems to work nicely playing in Windows. As such, Creative had no control over their sale.

Creative AWE64 ISA (CT4500) Sound Card

I miss the old days. Some sites claim that it ct450 a bit high quality DAC, but that is not quite correct. Another improvement comes from better on-board circuitry that increases the signal-to-noise ratio and overall signal quality compared to the frequently quite noisy AWE32 and Sound Blaster 16 boards.


The CT is smaller and has colored jacks, which may be a small plus. Fortunately the Mitsumi interface can usually be disabled. Everything appears to have come from Dell or other business machines. Maybe this was awwe64 revision? Additionally, it adds the digital PCM audio output to the signal.

Creative AWE64 ISA (CT) Sound Card | eBay

See earlier comment by Anonymous October 4, at I’m building an Athlon 64 for a high-end hybrid. Although the adapters themselves can no longer be aws64, the design and manufacturing files remain available for download for personal, non-commercial use. Without this motherboard port, the card was incompatible with DOS software.

Doom 2 has AWE wae64 a choice so it works good there. Views Read Edit View history. I also have an Extigy that I have never used. Retrieved from ” https: Be careful if you decide to get a CT The cards tend to get less noisy as they get newer.


If not, I’ll try if KernelEx will get it working. Are you sure CT is called SB32? Functionality of the hardware was nearly identical.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get a few other cards a go. Finding boards with the CQM chips are much more ct500. In the early days, proprietary, incompatible standards came from Panasonic, Sony and Mitsumi.

Interesting info – thank you very much for that!!! If there is a standard AWE64 floating aroun, its not very common. And also, looking at the few options, what is the best swe64 for the buck and compatability for DOS: There are other games which may occasionally produce hanging notes regardless of the midi interface being used.

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