Many thanks to Nigel Pearson for the updates to this document since the recent revision of the driver. At this stage, it has not been able to ascertain the functionality of the remaining device nodes in respect of the Avermedia DVBT. An Analogue TV signal otherwise known as composite video is an analogue encoding of a sequence of image frames 25 per second rasterised using an interlacing technique. In Australia, this card appears to have been superseded by the DTV S which uses a different chipset and apparently is not supported. That’s probably some issue with mixer, as it is grayed. Drivers are included in the Kernel. Sign up using Facebook.

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Legal Policy and Terms of this Web site: Demod Chip Avermedka board: Works with patch available at http: Next, the messages is to unplug the device do so and to replug it do so Next is the sound testing. You’re soliciting help from volunteer developers who work on V4L-DVB matters in their spare time, and such work can be non-trivial i.

The Linux Kernel 4.

USB-DVBT Stick – Debian Wiki

AVerMedia’s bttv cards are well supported and work out of the box. Insertion of these modules into the running kernel will activate the appropriate DVB device nodes. The ideea is to get sound from the USB tuner.


There are some limitations in the i2c layer due to a returned error message inconsistency. This documentation is outdated. Some people may think that if they compile in-kernel these components, in particular the saa, they won’t be able to specify parameters.

This page has been accessedtimes. Copy and paste it.

Supported since kernel 2. Post as a guest Name. It is acknowledged that the original software drivers AVerMedia provides may be modified by various hardware manufacturers for the purpose of different hardware optimization.

Debian User Forums

Cinergy DVB-T [97]. We need the dvb-apps from http: Drivers are included in the Kernel. As written above, 0. All versions are supported.

Installation of a USB-DVBT Stick

This method use all steps explained top except expert mode, this only for troubles with installer in mode by default” y one script file that you will make That’s probably some issue with mixer, as it is grayed. DVB-T tested and works with 2. Install driver in normal mode, and should see the installation concluded succesfully.


If you compiled these options into the kernel marked with asterisk you must use some kernel parameters for choosing the correct DVB-T card:.

Zarlink MT autodetect in linux kernel driver also includes: Not supported yet by present kernel release 2. The following link also has some useful information: My local transmitter happens to be Mount Dandenong. Sign up using Facebook. This card mostly works with the latest drivers as of tested using mythbuntu 2. Note that if your device is similar to or contains components for which driver development is currently being undertaken, then it is possible that you will pique the developers’ interest and can obtain some assistance that, possibly, leads to full support for your device.

Assumptions and Introduction 2.

Kaffeine implements it’s own scan tool and has a great qt interface, so you can skip the previous scan part. Works ok with FC4 pinux 2.