If you need to reset your password, click here. What I did was: Make a copy of the entire Section, then add ” ” to the beginning of the lines of the first copy, like the example below. The time now is It’s going to happen. If I try to start x with this resolution, I get the Static buffer allocation failed.

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The thing is with the old Dapper drivers, those games crash a lot more then Edgy ones. Sign up for a new account in our community. I hoe you still have enough fuzzy feelings to help me out here Maybe I need mobilify try going through the guide again and see what happens. I’ve follow the instruction correctly but when I type in the consolle: Radeoh so, this error is very strange It only reduces them, and enables 3D Acceleration!

I do still get crashes. I’ve installed all i need i guest: Section “Device” Info from http: Hightech Information System Ltd.: Radeon M6 LY If you find any other cards that work with this tutorial, let me know.


That’s a good thing. Anyway it’s way better performance than I expected, I think it handles moving windows around as fast as Metacity, but there’s no artifacts. If you have issues, you should really post on Beryl’s forums or mailing lists.

HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti – Ubuntu Wiki

Option “SWcursor” “true” More stable this way. Certain cards require certain tweaking to get 3D to work. I need to finish some stuff over the weekend, so that means I probably won’t be able to help around here until Monday or beyond.

So far so good. Putting AGP V2 device at As far as my experience with ATI cards is: It’s got decent speed too. I did fiddle with fglrx after I first tried this tutorial and then once again before I tried this tutorial again.

AMD/ATI drivers for mobility / notebook graphics and Microsoft Windows

Is there anything to speed it up??? There is alot of information on the proprietary fglrx driver, however I wasn’t able to determine or got impatient with the ambiguity of the mobilit whether or not this driver would work with my particular card.

If so can you wti send me your xorg. Works in Breezy, locks up when starting X on Dapper at least the mb model. However i dont get direct rendering. Legine Well, as for the warnings, ignore those. I did a clean install of Feisty because that machine — a VAIO laptop — is just a toy for web browsing and Linux-learning and the performance is much better.


The native resolution of the LCD is x and my default depth is set mobilityy Or you found a solution? You’ve just completed the installation of new drivers that are just about the latest.

Dragging windows around is very laggy: Did the card freeze after Part 1, or did it just work? Mobilityy tried the libmesa driver instructions posted above and it just crashed my system until I restored the original ATI setting.