You have been warned. This may affect performance slightly. This generally solves the problem. It has two values: The frequency parameter may be specified as a float value with standard suffixes like “k”, “kHz”, “M”, “MHz”. This option allows you to enable to disable the DRI. This should be set automatically, but no one knows what the limit is for which chip.

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This overrides the default pixel value for the YUV video overlay key. This will increase performance but not work correctly in some rare cases, hence the default is off. Enable this option to ignore lid status on laptops and always detect LVDS as attached. Tiled mode can provide significant performance benefits with 3D applications. This is different from NoDDC option.

DDC is still used for monitor detection. Used to specify Mac models for connector tables j24 quirks. The Radeon driver is already pre-installed in Ubuntu.

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Enables or disables the use of 6 bits per color component when in 8 bpp mode emulates VGA mode. Note that using this option may damage your hardware. For example, Option “PanelSize” “x” The default value is none. This can help reduce heat and increase battery life by reducing power usage.


Enable dynamic power mode switching. Enable page flipping for 3D acceleration.

If enabled, the calls will avoid tearing by making sure the display scanline is outside of the area to be copied before the copy occurs. See this page Recommended configuration for X. This option allows us to override the heuristic.

Option “Dac6Bit” ” boolean “. Graphics cards and APUs. Option “DefaultConnectorTable” ” boolean “. This option has no effect on Mac cards.

AMD/ATI drivers for mobility / notebook graphics and Microsoft Windows

Option “ColorTiling2D” ” boolean “. The output name is the RandR output name, e. Enable this option to force TV-out to always be detected as attached. In this case, you can install the Trusty Hardware Enablement Stackwhich brings new versions of Linux kernel and Radeon driver.

This attribute is useful for things like clone mode where the user can best decide which display should be synced.

AMD/ATI drivers for mobility / notebook graphics and Microsoft Windows

The default is to enable Render acceleration. If you think quality is not optimal when playing back HD video with horizontal resolution larger than this settingincrease this value. If you get an empty area at the right usually pinkdecrease it. The default value is on.


Set this to False if you viddo experiencing a hang when initializing a secondary card. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. The default value is off.

ATI Mobility Radeon X600

Section “Device” Identifier ” devname ” Driver “radeon” Option “ForceMinDotClock” ” frequency “. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Option “FBTexPercent” ” integer “.