Expendable Windows Performance: Back to the 1. The final benefit of having an on-die L2 cache offers is that it removes the need for the processor card that the Athlon was otherwise required to have because of its external L2 cache chips. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Deeper pipelining with more stages allowed higher clock speeds to be attained.

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Well not only in our tests does it perform VERY well, but it is also an Athlon based CPU thus you know that the most important thing is the price to performance ratio.

AMD Athlon “Thunderbird” 1 GHz / 800 MHz

At MHz and slower clock speeds the Thunderbird runs at a core voltage setting of 1. Is AMD good with Windows 10? This cooler proved at least as effective in our testing as our larger and mad louder Thermaltake Volcano II cooler.

What is AMD 6?

AMD Athlon “Classic” processor (Model 4, Thunderbird/T-Bird C)

Procssor think, the 1. The PR also became somewhat inaccurate because some Barton models with lower clock rates were being given higher PR than higher-clocked Thoroughbred processors. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. As you can see they are all fairly close to one another but the 1.


What is an AMD Thunderbird? – Quora

The Tbred-A often struggled to reach clock speeds above 1. While the addition of more layers itself does not improve performance, it gives more flexibility for chip designers routing electrical pathways within a chip, and importantly for the Thoroughbred core, more flexibility in working around electrical bottlenecks that prevented the processor from attaining higher clock speeds.

They have a double data rate front side bus operating at MHz having an effective bus speed of MHz. This was partly done to hinder CPU remarking being done by questionable resellers around the globe. The core tunderbird enhancements to the K7’s TLB architecture and added a hardware data prefetch mechanism to take better advantage of available memory bandwidth.

This athllon compared to the 9. Keep in mind that when you go out to buy one, it should be listed as an Athlon.

The prkcessor Athlon now called Athlon Classic was the first seventh-generation x86 processor and was the first desktop processor to reach speeds of one gigahertz GHz. Facts about ” Athlon – AMD “. Thunderbird moved to an exclusive design where the L1 cache’s contents are not duplicated in the L2. This then backfired when the chipset was the best performing and stable chipset on the market. As you remember from the original Athlon’s release, the core weighed in at a hefty 22 million transistors.


Back to the 1. Sign up now Thuderbird Password Remember Me. In that context, AMD has launched its very latest Athlon, which is a clock speed increase over the 1. Still, instead of the 2-way associative scheme used in older Athlons, Thunderbird did move to a more efficient way associative layout. Privacy policy About WikiChip Disclaimers.

Also, the fact that they were not locked to a single multiplier was a significant simplification in the overclocking process. Barton cuts it closeAnandTechretrieved January 6, CPUs Previous page Next page. It’s not too terribly huge, and the fan is relatively low profile, but it has a nickel-plated copper base.

One of the few issues I have with this Thunderbird core is the high running temperature of the unit. Epox has informed us that they thundedbird managed to solve most of the bugs in there new board. Log in Don’t have an account? What is an AMD processor?

The reason why AMD developed there own chipset was to enable to get the product to market.