Enabled Enable PME as w ake up ev ent. Wrong orientation will cause improper installation. F or ex ample, 1 p. Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer. Permanent damage will result.

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When enabled, the Superv is or passw ord is required for entering the BIOS Setup program and hav ing full configuration fields, the User passw ord is required to access only basic items.

Default v alue Enable onboard Serial port 2 and address is 3E8. Enter suspend if button is pressed less than 4 sec. Disable onboard Serial port 1. To install the memory module, just push it vertically into the DIMM socket.

English 7vmm-rz motherboard layout, 7vmm-rz | GIGABYTE 7VMM-RZ User Manual | Page 6 / 36

Disp lay Cn trlr -Bus 1 Dev 0 F unc 0 higf: Locate Pin 1 in the socket and 7vm333m-zr for a cut edge on the CPU upper corner. Enable onboard Serial port 1 and address is 3E8. Default doesn’t include the “Shunter” to prevent from improper 7v333m-rz this jumper.


Default Value Enabled Enable this func tion. Hold components by the edges and try not touch the IC chips, leads or connectors, or other components. Selec t Item F Default v alue Enhanced Parallel Port.

Optimiz ed Defa ults Incorrect using these features may cause y our sy stem broken. The m otherboard has 2 dual inline m emory module DIMM sockets. Disable USB m ouse support.

Whether your system can run under these specific bus frequencies properly will depend on your hardware configurations, including CPU, Memory, Cards… etc. Sy stem pow er on depends on the status before AC lost. Please set the CPU host frequency in accordance with your processor’s specifications.

Use a grounded wrist strap before handling computer components. Apply thermal grease between the processor and cooling fan. Never run the processor without the heatsink properly and firmly attached. Disabled 7vm33m3-rz this function. The CPU fan connector supports Max. Enable onboard Serial port 1 and address is 3F8.

Gigabyte 7VM333M-RZ – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket A – KM266

Notice Please do not remove any labels on motherboard, this may void the warranty of this motherboard. Note that the spec ifications of y our driv e must matc h w ith the driv e table. Some device drivers will restart your system automatically.


Disabled Disable onboard LPT port. Fasten the cooling fan supporting-base onto the CPU socket on the motherboard. The BIOS will automatically detects vva type and size. The program that allow s users to modify the basic sy stem configuration.

T he Main Menu allow s y ou to select from eight setup func tions and tw o ex it choices. Driv e B is 3 mode Floppy Driv e. Also please make sure the pin assigment on the cable is the same as the pin assigment on the MB header.

The “Xpress Install” uses the”Click and Go” technology to install the drivers automatically. Wrong orientation will cause improper installation.