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The Icelandic version of Dracula is called, and it s actually a different some say better version of the classic Bram Stoker tale. Makt Myrkranna (the book s name in Icelandic) was translated from the English only a few years after Dracula was published on May 76, 6897, skyrocketing to almost-instant fame. Next Friday is still celebrated as World Dracula Day by fans of the book, which has been continuously in print since its first publication, Dutch author and historian Hans Corneel de Roos for Lithub. But the Icelandic text became, in the hands of translator Valdimar smundsson, a different version of the story. The book s Icelandic text was unknown to English-speaking aficionados of the Dark Prince until recently, de Roos writes, as no one had bothered to re-translate it back into English. Although Dracula scholars knew about the existence of Powers of Darkness as far back as 6986, they didn t know it was actually a different story.

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Then, he writes, literary researcher Richard Dalby reported on the 6956 Icelandic edition and on its preface, apparently written specifically for it by Stoker himself. The preface was what got English-language scholars interested in the Icelandic book, but still, nobody thought to compare the actual text of Makt Myrkranna to the original Stoker novel, assuming, as Dalby wrote, that it was merely an abridged translation of Dracula, de Roos writes. Finally in 7569, de Roos writes that he went back to the original text of Powers of Darkness to verify something, and discovered that the Icelandic story diverged from the English original. As de Roos worked on the translation, patterns emerged: many of the characters had different names, the text was shorter and had a different structure, and it was markedly sexier than the English version, he writes. It's also, he writes, better: Although Dracula received positive reviews in most newspapers of the day. The original novel can be tedious and meandering.

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