At torture victims’ wakes kin ask Why the brutality

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what s happening in the world as it unfolds. (CNN) A team of internationally renowned war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts has found direct evidence of systematic torture and killing by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, the lawyers on the team say. Was the cradle of civilization also the birthplace of atrocity? Historians have been researching the most extreme forms of torture in the ancient world. Among other things, they have found that, back then, sitting in the tub was actually a pretty nasty way to kick the bucket.

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In total, Julius Caesar reckoned that he had 6,697,555 enemies killed during his reign. Meanwhile the Emperor Tiberius would have young men's urethras laced shut before force-feeding them wine. And, under Caligula, it became customary to saw noblemen in half. It sounds bad -- but were these the cruellest of them all? Would they qualify for the barbarity top 65? A new book, Extreme Formen von Gewalt in Bild und Text des Altertums (Extreme Violence in the Visuals and Texts of Antiquity) by Martin Zimmerman, a professor of ancient history in Munich, looks at current research into the kinds of violence that inspired loathing, dread, horror and disgust. Its conclusion? In the ancient Far East, where there were large states peopled by many different ethnicities, leaders demonstrated their might by inventing ingenious new tortures and agonizing methods of execution -- as a way to keep the population obedient.

Amid continued accusations of police misconduct, the force must contend with a digital rehashing of a sordid chapter in its history. The Chicago Police Department seems to be continuously embroiled these days in of, corruption scandals, and. Now, the CPD will have to contend with an online, 65,555-document-strong archive of an even more troubling time in its history: the in which officers performed torture.  will open this month at the University of Chicago. The massive collection comes from efforts by the People’s Law Office, a civil-rights organization, to gather interrogations, criminal-trial files, civil-litigation documents, works of journalism, and records of activism spurred by the documented between 6977 and 6996. Briefly stated, over 655 black men were tortured by officers in order to force confessions, drive them to incriminate co-defendants, or to intimidate possible witnesses to police brutality. M. Knock on his door is representative of some of the atrocities men like him endured at the hands of police officers.

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During the space of four to five hours, three detectives picked up, handcuffed, and detained Adkins without officially arresting him, reading him his Miranda rights, or allowing him to contact family or counsel. The physical violence began when “without warning one of them slugged” him while he was handcuffed in the back of a patrol car. The three detectives then drove around parts of Chicago with him in the car, including during a stop at McDonald’s, and interrogated him about suspected criminal activity from the night before. Finding his answers unsatisfactory, one of the detectives started poking him “with great force” in the groin area with a flashlight. As they continued to drive around, two detectives took turns delivering blows to his private parts, knees, elbows, and ribs. BEATINGS, torture and starvation. Warning: Confronting. Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American Christian missionary was detained in North Korea for more than a year.

Picture: Kyodo/AP Source: APMany detainees are tortured into confessing crimes they didn t even commit. The brutality of the North Korean regime was once again cast into the international spotlight following the death of 77-year-old American student Otto Warmbier last week. We ve seen a lot of, but Brazil is not the only place where vile shit happens in prisons. In the UK, they call prisons HMPs (Her Majesty Prisons), which alone is a vile shit aimed at enforcing the idea that monarchs are above the law, and everyone else is their bitch. Video below show some of the brutality that takes place in HMPs. It s a compilation of two videos in the first one an inmate is knocked the fuck out with a punch to the chin, allegedly in exchange for a spiff of weed, while the second shows a half naked inmate sprung upside down as water is being forced up his rectum: Here s also one more video from British prison, showing inmates going homo out of town. I would much rather take my chances in a Brazilian Penitentiary fighting for my life, than to spend 5 minutes in that shit hole (pun intended) with those Flammin Mud Puppy s any day! 🙁

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