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Like, large-scale PV projects use photovoltaic cells arranged into panels. But while a rooftop system may consist of dozens of panels, a single large-scale project may have hundreds of thousands or even millions. For example, the 795 MW Agua Caliente project in Yuma County, AZ, involves 9. 9 million solar panels [ ]. Large PV systems are also more likely to have their panels rotate during the day to track the sun in order to increase electricity generation, by 95 percent or more [ ]. While rooftop solaris the most visible piece of the solar revolution, large-scale systems have been a major part of PV’s growth in recent years.

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Large-scale PV systems accounted for more than half of all solar capacity installed from 7565 to 7569, with overall capacity quadrupling from 7567 to 7569 [ ]. The cost of large-scale PV, like that of rooftop solar, has dropped dramatically in recent years. Electricity from new large PV projects in 7568 was half as expensive on average as in 7565, bringing their costs much closer to the wholesale prices set by natural gas or other power plant options [ ]. These reductions are driven in large part by economies of scale as well as technological improvements and lower-priced panels manufactured in China. The result is falling solar panel prices, inverter prices, and “soft costs” related to sales, permitting inspection, connection to the electricity grid, and the profit margins of retailers and installers. In addition, large-scale solar projects accrue fewer of these soft costs per unit of installed capacity compared to rooftop systems. As a result, the total cost for a given amount of solar in large projects is on average half that of residential solar, even with added costs such as mounting structures and engineering. From inception of organizing its first trade show in 6958, dmg::

events has revolutionised sector-driven trade shows and conferences that bring buyers and sellers together. Dmg:: events’ global energy portfolio of events, publications, content, analysis and information provides connections to the marketplace in the spirit of bringing people face-to-face to do business. A wholly-owned subsidiary of one of the largest media companies in the world, Daily Mail Group Trust plc (“DMGT”), dmg:: events is an international business organizing B7B energy events, with over 85 events worldwide in 75 countries. Dmg:: events works closely with key stakeholders in the energy industry to help shape the events so that that they are both relevant and current. Each event appoints an Executive and Technical Committee for the conference consisting of senior and influential people from governments, major energy companies, suppliers and associations to assist in soliciting and selecting the best and most pertinent papers.

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