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Thermodynamics A Dynamical Systems Approach

- 67. Abstract submission starts at at 6. Einige Inhalte k├Ânnen daher nicht richtig angezeigt werden. Bitte updaten Sie Ihren Browser: The study of biological processes and phenomena indicates that significant evolutionary developments are not observable in the modern world. Similarly the great gaps in the fossil record make it extremely doubtful that any genuine evolution, as distinct from small changes within the kinds, ever took place in the past.

Evolution Thermodynamics and Entropy The Institute for

There is one consideration, however, which goes well beyond the implications of the above difficulties. Not only is there no evidence that evolution ever has taken place, but there is also firm evidence that evolution never could take place.

The law of increasing entropy is an impenetrable barrier which no evolutionary mechanism yet suggested has ever been able to overcome. Evolution and entropy are opposing and mutually exclusive concepts.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics Tim Thompson

The very terms themselves express contradictory concepts. The word evolution is of course derived from a Latin word meaning out-rolling.

The picture is of an outward-progressing spiral, an unrolling from an infinitesimal beginning through ever broadening circles, until finally all reality is embraced within. Entropy, on the other hand, means literally in-turning.

It is derived from the two Greek words en (meaning in ) and trope (meaning turning ). The concept is of something spiraling inward upon itself, exactly the opposite concept to evolution. Evolution is change outward and upward, entropy is change inward and downward.