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Oh Come ’Ed Ye Faithful! The gang are back for 7567 and this year they are taking on THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD! Get your laughing gear warmed up, get your glad-rags on and get down to Rawhide! 75th Anniversary Production ABD Productions’ award winning Her Benny is coming to Liverpool’s Royal Court. Dave Kirby (Lost Soul, Brick up the Mersey Tunnels, Reds & Blues, Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas, Brick Up 7 the wrath of Ann A brand new musical based on The Liver Birds by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor Ukranian playwright  Natal'ya Vorozhbit 's play follows different woman during wartime.

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They range from journalists on the frontline of war, to teenage girls who wait for sldiers on the beackes, to a medic who is mourning her lover killed in action. It is a heart-breaking, but powerful and comic account of what being a woman during war is really like.  Natal’ya Vorozhbit is the leading Ukrainian playwright whose work at the Royal Court includes  The Khomenko Family Chronicles, and  Maidan Diaries. Vicky Featherstone is the artistic director of the Royal Court Theatre, and her productions include  X, How To Hold Your Breath, God Bless the Child and Maidan Diaries.   Theatre’s artistic director says code is only a starting point and says everyone in the industry knew abuse was happening and accepted itTheatre’s artistic director says code is only a starting point and says everyone in the industry knew abuse was happening and accepted itTheatre’s artistic director says code is only a starting point and says everyone in the industry knew abuse was happening and accepted itA theatre industry code of behaviour to prevent sexual harassment and abuses of power. It said the code should be seen as “an offering, a provocation, a hope for culture change” after the blizzard of disturbing abuse allegations that have followed the exposure of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. Royal Court Theatre: Rebrand We developed a new brand identity for the Royal Court, reasserting its position at the edge of theatre. Finding new ways to play on the edge Re-energising the brandEarning a solid reputation for boundary-pushing isn't easy. But sustaining one is harder. Like sharks, brands with bite can't afford to stop moving or they face certain death. When a brand has Royal Court levels of heritage it can often find itself tempted to get nostalgic preserve and restore. But commendably our brief was bolder — show the world that we've always been playing on the edge, confirm who we are, but help us push into the future. We were invited to embrace 'paradox', 'anarchy' and even a 'no logo' attitude towards the exercise. We accepted gladly. Our early research highlighted the iconic significance of the Royal Court's front of house presence, its 'Royal Court' letters staring defiantly out into Sloane Square from the balcony. This destructive spirit got the ball rolling. We wanted to see it running amok over and beyond edges, teleporting itself from A to B, to Z, to Q, to R without apologising once along the way. Goats  is the major new play by Syrian playwright and filmmaker Liwaa Yazji, and is set in a small Syrian town where , soldiers are celebrated as heroes and grieving families are nourished on propaganda. The local party leader decides on a radical compensation scheme: a goat for each son martyred. “Has anyone ever told the truth? Has anyone ever demanded it? Does anyone want it? Does anyone even need it?

Liwaa Yazji's other theatre work includes  Here in the Park and Q Q.   She was born in moscow and grew up in Damascus. This business has not yet been claimed by the owner or a representative. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews. I love coming to this theatre. It has such great productions and it is also one of the most comfortable theatres in London seating wise. Plus the have a really good bar and eating spot in the basement. This really is a lovies theatre. I once shared a table in the bar area with Harold Pinter and Lady Antonia Fraser. You never know who you might see here. Last night I was in the back row of the stalls, and still had a great view of the stage. This theare has such an intimate feel to it. The seats are leather, and really comfortable. What I really love about this place is the special price for Monday performances. At £65 they are a steal. Unfortnately I saw a play last night with Matt Smith, that had rave reviews. I just didn t get it. But at £65 you can afford to pick some duff ones! One of the best places for new writing in the UK, this place is historic.  The theatre itself is has two performance areas, the smaller upstairs space, which is more adaptable, and the main house downstairs, which is a more traditional theatre space.  It s worth noting that the main room has the most comfortable theatre seating I ve ever had in London.  There s a really nice bar and restaurant downstairs which is a little pricy, but standard for a theatre.  This bar/restaurant is pretty large for a theatre space and is a good place even if you just want to meet for a drink.

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 The atmosphere is relaxed and the food is great.  The only down side is that the box office area is small, and can sometimes get a little overwhelmed before a show. A great place for musicals. The acoustics are great and one of the few theaters in london to have better leg room. Has announced casting for the US premiere of the Olivier Award-winning production of, written by Academy Award winner and directed by Olivier Award nominee. Hangmen will feature Mark Addy ( Game of Thrones, The Full Monty), (As You Are), (Shining City), (An Inspector Calls), ( Lovesick, Jerusalem on the West End), (Off-Broadway debut), (Off-Broadway debut), (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time), (The Language Archive, Amadeus), (, Michael Clayton), (Blue Heart at BAM, The Bill ), and (High Rise, The League of Gentlemen ). In his small pub in the northern English town of Oldham, Harry (Addy) is something of a local celebrity. But what's the second-best hangman in England to do on the day they've abolished hanging? Amongst the cub reporters and pub regulars dying to hear Harry's reaction to the news, his old assistant Syd (Shearsmith) and the peculiar Mooney (Flynn) lurk with very different motives for their visit. By signing up to Culture Whisper, you agree to our and to our, which includes ourLa Cuisine de Bar in nearby Cadogan Gardens serves a delicious selection of tartines (toasted open sandwiches) freshly made for you at the counter. The cool continental set-up eliminates the need for traditional kitchens, chefs and cutlery (you can eat with your fingers sans-problem). This popular vegetarian restaurant is a bright, not-too-expensive spot on Sloane Avenue. Filled with good cheer and good health, you can get a range of smoothies, juices, salads, breakfasts, and main course, with plenty of gluten-free options. A real treat. A Christmas Carol, Old Vic Theatre review We went to an evening production of Goats just before the Christmas break started. The play was well worth seeing - if focused rather narrowly on one theme only. The lead actor was excellent and well supported by a good cast. The goats were fun and quite well behaved. Downstairs the bar, which we visited before the performance, is a vibrant social centre. You still proclaim yourselves “the writer’s theatre. ” So shame on you Royal Court for cancelling Rita Sue and Bob Too! You have censored the work of a woman who wrote honestly, provocatively about her world. Are you seriously saying, as a theatre with a history of radical work, that no-one should be exposed to work with a theme that your artistic director finds uncomfortable?

The Royal Court is famous for its experimental theatre and giving new and upcoming writers a chance to showcase their work. I went to a matinee performance of one such production. The auditorium is small and intimate by London theatre standards, although spread over three levels. There is obviously a great deal of support from across the theatrical profession, to keep this “non commercial” theatre up and running. The whole visit was enjoyable and I will continue to keep a note on what is on. Went to see a powerful play - The Fall. Excellent production. The theatre is on different levels and the Jerwood Theatre is on the 9th floor. This is an iconic London theatre so happy to be there. Staff very welcoming. The theatre is next to Sloane Square tube station (District/ Circle) so very convenient in terms of travel. Good evening. Thank you for a perfect evening. Excellent food at the right price, charming service and a brilliant play. We had a great time. Thank you 7567 has seen the Royal Court intent on breaking one of the cardinal rules of showbusiness: don t work with children or animals. There’ve been geese, rabbits, actual babies and, now, kids (the ones that go baa not waa). Unlike the subtle live magic of The Ferryman and Anatomy of a Suicide, however, Goats is regularly upstaged by its cloven-hoofed gimmick. Set in the Syrian civil war, the central kernel of the play stems from the sometimes-seen practice of giving the family of a martyred soldier livestock as a celebration-cum-consolation. Using this bleak and bizarre image Liwaa Yazji spins a narrative that encompasses fake news, political doublespeak and the brainwashing – both through external forces and self-denial – required to survive a war against ill-defined terrorists. Director Hamish Pirie strains to capture the hazy, perma-paranoid vibe of a village that provides husbands, fathers and sons for the slaughter without having any real idea of what s going on. The thing is, neither the sloppy performances – which veer from dodgy to downright bad – nor the stiff writing are sharp enough to withstand this sensory overload. Matters are only made worse when the goats turn up, the herd seriously undermining key scenes by wandering around the stage like silly billies.

If you wanted to be really ( really ) generous you could say that the goats end up acting as a commentary on the ease in which we turn away from international horror.