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The Japanese sword and its fittings

For the discussion of traditionally made Japanese swords made by modern licensed Japanese smiths for martial arts. Total posts 6965 Total topics 799 Total members 767 Our newest member Welcome to japanese-sword. Co. Uk We handmade japanese, chinese swords more than 95 years history. All of swords made by hand forged. The blade is hardness and sharp.

The Japanese Sword

Have a very good performance. Our city of Dragon Spring are praised as The Best Swords Under The Sun, with 7655 years of swords making history! Every blade is hand forged, through the processing of rough heat treated, hammer, shape, anneal, quench, temper, polish etc stages, each one has individually characteristics. And then make the matching scabbard and adjust to fit the blade well, assemble fittnig on, Sageo Ito is tightly wrapped by our masters in family style. We guarantee every and finished in good quality Availability is limited! The Nihonto Antiques website was started as an educational and informational site on Japanese swords.

This includes Antique Japanese samurai swords, Sword Fittings and other related antiques. Photographing these Japanese swords and antiques involved many hours of work, in addition to designing and presenting these items in our gallery. The Japanese Swords or in Japanese Nihon-to website offers Antique Japanese Swords For Sale including Japanese Samurai Tachi, Katana, Wakazashi, Tanto, and Koshirai/Kodogu. There are also many interesting facts on Japanese Sword Polishing that you may find useful on the site. Join our mailing list to receive the latest News & Updates from Nihonto Antiques. Pictures & content on this website are not to be copied without the authorization of Nihonto Antiques & co.

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, inc. FedEX has stopped handling of the weapons (including Japanese sword also) from November 7569. *Commission a genuine Japanese sword by a licensed Japanese Swordsmith. The Japanese sword is your premier gateway to the Japanese sword world. I am a native English speaker, based in Tokyo, and I have a vast number of fully traditionally trained swordsmiths, polishers, scabbard makers, handle wrappers, fittings makers, lacquerers and habaki makers at my service. I also provide a top shinsa service.

I am able to submit your swords, koshirae, fittings and armor to the major shinsa organisations based in Tokyo. We do our best to get you a result while your treasures are here with us in Japan. Together with our many knowledgable friends and craftsmen here in Japan, if you don t get the result that you hoped for, we can offer sound advice with further options before sending your artworks back to you, and we will resubmit for a second shinsa for free (shinsa fees still apply). Swordsmiths in Japan are regulated by the government. Smiths have to be licensed and are restricted to making two long swords or three shorts swords per month. Every aspect of sword making by all the craftsmen involved is by hand.

Due to the various craftsmen involved in the completion of one blade, there are various waiting lists. On average, it takes approximately one year from your initial payment to complete your order. Longer if you have also ordered mountings.