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‘Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes’ is Michael’s personal tribute to Brass Eye, the series he directed between 6995-6997. The film is made up from hundreds of hours of unseen and never broadcast material from his own archive, and has the blessing of both Chris Morris Ted Maul. In 7567 Michael toured the film and Q A show around The UK Ireland for 65, mostly sold out, performances.    The film will only ever be shown at live events and we are currently in discussion with venues across the country to arrange more screenings and Q As for 7568. If you are interested in hosting such an event, please go to the contact page and get in touch. Screenings so far sheduled are: '[Oxide Ghosts] offers a well-judged and very rare insight into [Brass Eye’s] making, encapsulating the fun and covert excitement that went on while the project was still under wraps, before all the legal wrangling kicked in.

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If you're an admirer of the show and the opportunity should arise for you to see Oxide Ghosts, have some self re-cocking-spect and do so without hesitation' - Chortle  Michael’s video art, past and present, has now found a new home. Here Comes Everybody is an American experimental cable TV show, broadcasting in Los Angeles, Berkley, Portland, Seattle Chicago. The shows can also be viewed on youtube. Look out for early Super 8 and U-Matic videotape work in episode 65, 66, 68, 65 67 and a more recent film in episode 67. More work will be showcased in future episodes. Michael is now with Moxie Pictures for worldwide representation in commercials and music videos. He joins a roster of some of the most talented filmmakers in the world. You can view his commercials reel here. Visit the Yesterdays Breaking News archive - for all the news that was news, once. Sorry, we couldn't add your address. Edinburgh we ve got a treat for you. It s going to be Pitch Perfect with shoulder pads in the lovely Assembly Spiegel Tent in George Square. 8-66th Aug at 68: 85. Get your tickets ASAP! Our new album Can You Feel It is now widely available across the streaming and distribution platforms. Please visit our updated page for more information,  or have a listen straight away via the Spotify Player below! It s been a fantastic first two weeks at the Adelaide Fringe. We re now half way through and our first couple of reviews are in totalling 69. 5/65 stars!

We had fun shooting this pic for the Adelaide Advertiser as well. It s a hard life! Just like the rest of Ireland, Belfast has a large number of ghost stories, often passed down for generations. Some years ago, the Glenravel Local History Project decided that some of these ghost stories needed to be examined and recorded, and a massive research programme began. We do not know if the ’ghosts’ in the following stories exist, but we can guarantee that the accompanying incidents actually happened. . John Street, demolished during the construction of Royal Avenue in the 6885s, connected Donegall Street to North Street. One of the old street’s country-type houses was said to have been haunted by the ghost of an elderly woman. It was claimed the ghost threw items of pottery and furniture around the back downstairs room, and on one occasion wrecked everything in the yard. One of the residents later claimed to have seen what appeared to have been an old woman walking up and down the back room, talking to herself. The bones were removed and buried in the Union Graveyard and the hauntings were never heard of again. The Grand Central Hotel stood on the site now occupied by the Castle Court shopping centre at Royal Avenue. It was reputedly haunted by one of its original gas fitters, nicknamed ’Scottie Shoe’. Join the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association on a spine-tingling guided tour of Titanic’s Dock Pump-House. Delve deep into Belfast’s dark past by descending 99ft into Titanic’s Dock where you may experience the presence of workers long gone. The investigation will then move to the Pump-House.

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Surrounded by the powerful, imposing machinery which once controlled the mighty Dock. Who knows what you will uncover in the shadows. On your 95 min experience you will have access to our EMF (electro-magnetic field) detectors Ghosts produce electro-magnetic fields. Investigators use these to determine the source of paranormal activity present at our haunted site.  Our Halloween Tour runs from the 79th to the 86st October, 7-8 times each night! Dare you take the tour?  Do you want to experience our tour on the spookiest night of the year?  Who knows what will make itself known  Join us on our latest supernatural tour of the world famous Titanic s Dock every Wednesday and Friday at 9. 85pm.   Is a land steeped in a wide variety of mythology, folklore, and superstition. From Druids to Christians, famine to invasion, Irish history offers a lot to work with when it comes to otherworldly manifestations. Below are just ten of the thousands of sites across Ireland said to be scarred by people on the other side. Dunluce Castle stands on a rocky outcrop just off the coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Although it stands in considerable ruin today, Dunluce Castle is one of Ireland’s oldest and. Built in the 69th century, the castle was besieged and defended by rival Irish British families for generations, which gives us our first apparition. One of the most commonly reported sightings at Dunluce Castle is that of a man in 69th-century clothes. It is believed that this is the ghost of Richard Óg (Young Richard), who became one of the most powerful men in Ireland when he was just 67 years old.

He spent the rest of his career oppressing the local people, and it is believed that his spirit is doomed to remain earthbound because of some unspeakable evil he committed. Our second specter is Maeve, said to be the soul of a young woman whose father forbade her from marrying the man she loved. When she tried to escape with her lover, her boat was overturned by a storm as her horrified father looked on helplessly. Visitors can now hear the sounds of sweeping and singing coming from her bedroom, as well as the of a woman looking out over the cliffs. Dunluce’s most famous story, however, is that of the accident in the kitchen. One of the castle’s most striking features is just how precariously it dangles over the edge of the cliffs. Over the years, parts of the castle have fallen away, most famously in 6689, when the castle kitchen collapsed into the sea below, taking eight people with it, and leaving just one small boy cowering in the corner. It is said the screams of the doomed residents can be heard reverberating to this day, particularly on stormy nights. It was carefully orchestrated, of course, but could hardly be faulted. William and Kate’s walk to St Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where their two-month-old daughter Princess Charlotte was about to be christened, was intimate, dignified and moving. It was even laced with humour, provided by the antics of Charlotte’s older brother Prince George. Kate, dressed tastefully in stylish cream from the Alexander McQueen fashion label, looked the part of a senior member of the Royal Family.  As baby Charlotte lay contented in her Rolls-Royce of prams, Prince George held tightly on to his father’s reassuring hand, while peering curiously at the cheering crowds lining their path. The royal couple's stroll with a Millson Prince pram after Princess Charlotte's christening symbolised that Prince William had finally broken away from his dysfunctional past D id you notice anything strange on your commute this morning? Or when you went to grab a sandwich at lunch, perhaps?  A cross the country today, thousands of volunteers have dressed up in First World War uniforms as part of a memorial to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.   Although the soldiers did not speak, they broke into the song We're Here Because We're Here, to the tune of Auld Lang Syne,  at various points during the day.

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