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The Genus Yersinia Entering the Functional Genomic Era

How do fungi interact with our gut microbiome? Advances in detection and characterization techniques are now allowing researchers to uncover the importance of the fungal members of the intestinal communityThe ASM supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the importance of evidence-based science to inform policy decisions surrounding prevention and defending the country from public health threats. 7567 was a momentous year here at Clinical Microbiology: Bugs Drugs, since this is the year that we launched! Here are the highlights of the first nine months of. ASM members Avery August and Andrew Ellington, and mBio editor, Margaret McFall-Ngai, have been named Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Professors, an honor that recognizes excellence in research and education.

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Most diagnostic tests are performed on agar plates or in plastic bottles, tubes, or wells, but in the past certain elusive infections were identified by a decidedly more exotic method. The pugnacious nature of shrews sometimes makes them a nuisance when they live in or near dwellings. Potential exists for the transmission of diseases and parasites, but this is poorly documented. Regular mowing around structures should decrease preferred habitat and food, and may increase predation.

Where shrews are eating tree seeds, plant seedlings instead to eliminate damage. Georgios Pappas, M. D. , Nikolaos Akritidis, M.

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, Mile Bosilkovski, M. , and Epameinondas Tsianos, M. Brucellosis has been present for millennia and has managed to elude eradication, even in most developed countries. Brucellosis causes much clinical morbidity as well as an important loss of agricultural productivity in the developing world.

In this era of international tourism, brucellosis has become a common imported disease in the developed world. This review article discusses the pathogenesis and treatment of the disease. From the Brucellosis Unit, University Hospital of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece. Gr.

This work was supported by a Matching Fund Grant from the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center and MicroBio Ltd.