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When was the last time you trained your on-the-job trainers as a group? Tell us your training requirment and the type of learning required we will send you a quote ASAP. Costs, Consequences & Corrections This book invites the reader to consider the errant behaviours happening within their own organisation We were both almost statistics numbers on a page that people use evoke emotions devoid of context. To us, like so many other veterans, suicide isn’t a statistic. It’s part of our daily lives. Despite appearing “successful, ” or even “normal” on the outside, there is an almost nagging preoccupation with not belonging.

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And while we know this reality — both from living it ourselves and being connected in veterans advocacy — when we read the released by the Department of Veterans Affairs in September highlighting suicide statistics, the fact that veteran rates sit 77% higher than civilians is still jarring. And while all deaths are tragic, what drew our eyes immediately — and prompted more than a few pensive moments — was the explosive growth in the suicide numbers for military women. Female veterans have a higher risk than civilian women for suicide, according to VA data, and women who do not use VA services have seen a. For two female veterans who work with data for a living, the realization of how close we became to becoming part of this dataset is sobering. It is that veterans,, suffer from a lack of belonging and connection. During active duty, this manifests as a question of whether women feel like they have viable support resources inside and outside their units. As servicewomen transition into the civilian world, these cohesion and support questions remain.

Too many feel that care systems (both nonprofit and government) are just not built for women, and even more report that when they one very important protective factor: Take, for example, with servicewomen who shared how complicated it can be to serve in combat, then return to a community that doesn’t understand, or believe, that women can or should do such things. As the reporter observed: 7567 s 65 Most Viewed Insights from IESE s Knowledge Portal7567 Employment Report shows more graduates drawn to Europe, technologyIf Zara, Ikea and Amazon are success stories because of the global sweep of their brands, they’re also testament to the importance of operations management. A new book by IESE's and – in collaboration with,, and – looks at how to make operations a source of competitive advantage. The book also includes highly practical advice on redesigning and innovating corporate processes to help realize a company's full potential. Interested in improving your company’s operations?

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You can purchase the book. The world’s cities are more crowded than ever – and their residents more divided. What can be done to weave a more inclusive urban fabric? A new book by Profs. And, and researcher Ana Isabel Duch T-Figueras, looks at how city leaders can increase social cohesion through a wide range of policies and initiatives. KEYWORDS: Sports women in India, status of women, Indian women.

Media coverage“Bicycling has done more to liberate women than any one thing in the universe”“ It is impossible to recollect about the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is unacceptable for a birdie to fly on only one wing. ” – Swami VivekanandaExperiences were Depicted in stereotypical gender roles and that adult females were often infantilized and/or depicted as sex objects [7*, 8*. , 9*, 5*]. His gentle and religious beliefs led him to state that: The solemn periodic manifestation of male sport based on internationalism, on loyalty as a means, on the arts as a background and the applause of women as a recompense. More women are too taking up employment opportunities in all areas of sport, including as national coach, referee, managers, officials and sport journalists.

The status of women in modern India is a sort of a paradox the women have forgotten the sacred field of their domicile and are at present in the area of life, fully armoured with their talent. They have shown themselves to me. But in India they are heretofore to get their dues.