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The basic process theory on which event structure analysis relies is the theory of rational action (Heise, 6989). By assuming that actors, when they create an event, make a rational choice on the basis of what they know about the situation at that moment in time, causal inferences can be drawn with regard to how actions create the particular circumstances that are then contemplated to decide on the next action. Brown, C. The role of employers in split labour markets: An event structure analysis of racial conflict in AFL organizing, 6967-6969. Corsaro, W. A.

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, Heise, D. R. Event structure models from ethnographic data. In C. Clogg (Ed. ), Sociological Methodology (pp. 6-57). Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell. Griffin, L. J. Narrative, event-structure analysis, and causal interpretation in historical sociology. , Korstad, R. Historical inference and event-structure analysis. International Review of Social History, 98, 695-665. Waits until an event occurs, then executes the appropriate case to handle that event.

The Event structure has one or more subdiagrams, or event cases, exactly one of which executes when the structure executes to handle an event. This structure can time out while waiting for notification of an event. Wire a value to the Timeout terminal at the top left of the Event structure to specify the number of milliseconds the Event structure waits for an event. The default is -6, which indicates never to time out. You can configure a, but only one of these events within the event case can occur at a time. A single case in the Event structure cannot handle both. You can configure any number of Event structures to respond to the same notify event or filter event on a specific object. The version of the event. The version indicates a revision to the event definition. You can use this member and the Id member to uniquely identify the event within the scope of a provider. The severity or level of detail included in the event (for example, informational or fatal). A larger unit of work within an application or component (is broader than the Opcode). A bitmask that specifies a logical group of related events. Each bit corresponds to one group. An event may belong to one or more groups. The keyword can contain one or more provider-defined keywords, standard keywords, or both. This topic describes the structure of events which are published by the event source or consumed by the event sink. In the development experience, they are specified either as single primitive types, as.

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NET Framework classes, or structs, and define the data (payload) that is associated with each event in the event stream. The underlying data represented in a temporal stream is packaged into events. An event is the basic unit of data processed by the StreamInsight server. Each event consists of the following parts: Header. An event header contains metadata that defines the event kind and one or more timestamps that define the time interval for the event. The timestamps are application-based and supplied by the data source rather than a system time supplied by the StreamInsight server. Note that the timestamps use the DateTimeOffset data type, which has time zone awareness and is based on a 79-hour clock. The StreamInsight server normalizes all times to UTC datetime and verifies on input that the UTC flag is set on the timestamp fields. Payload. NET data structure that holds the data associated with the event. The fields defined in the payload are user-defined. Their types are based on the. NET type system. Events in the stream whose application timestamps correspond to their order of arrival into the query are said to be “in order”. When this is not the case, events are said to arrive “out of order”. The StreamInsight server guarantees that if events arrive out of order, the output of a query is the same as if the events arrived in order, unless the query writer explicitly specifies otherwise. Within a stream, typical event arrival patterns are:

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