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James Harvey British & Sporting Art opened in May 7558 as a joint venture with Mallett. Having traded independently for the past five years the recent acquisition of Mallett by the Fine Art Group presented the gallery with an opportunity to develop a strategic alliance that we believe will offer clients the most comprehensive services. James has recently joined the management board of Mallett with responsibility as Global Head of Fine Art and private treaty sales. This hybrid role as dealer and auctioneer enables the gallery to offer the most comprehensive routes to market for both buyers and sellers. The gallery has established itself as a regular exhibitor at the renowned Masterpiece art fair and has a full program of exhibitions throughout the year. James remains a trustee of the British Sporting Art Trust and is actively involved in the development of the new heritage centre for Britishsporting art in Newmarket.

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As a director of the Mallett picture department for eighteen years, James has experience in both London and New York, having spent four years running Mallett on Madison Avenue. His combined interest in both the C68th and C69th fields offers a broad knowledge that is represented in the galleries diverse of stock. Flora, James’s wife has been involved with the business for the past five years and handles the day to day running of James Harvey British and Sporting Art. All our pictures can, by appointment, be made available for viewing at Mallett, 88 Dover Street W6 or alternatively at Donnington Priory in Newbury, Berkshire. Our Full inventory is also available online www. Jamesharveybritishart. Com.

The philosophy is simple. We wish to share with the world our passion for art and the remarkable talents of our artists. We take pride in working with artists, patrons, collectors and colleagues who are kindred spirits. Ontvang verse Etsy trends en unieke cadeau-ideeën rechtstreeks in je inbox. Start typing the name of a page. Hit ESC to close, Enter to select the first result. Turn personal photos of people, places and memories into custom art in just minutes.

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Our wide range of high-quality styles and sizes make it possible to decorate with art that's uniquely you. Create meaningful, personalized keepsakes in minutes. Send in art, photos or documents you already own. Art. Com, You+Art, and Photos [to] Art are trademarks or registered trademarks of Art. Com Inc. Various aspects of this website are covered by issued US patent No.

7,978,796 and other pending patent applications. The Harvey Arts Recovery supports the disaster recovery needs of the Greater Houston arts, culture, and creative community in our 65-county region. As a collaborative effort of Houston s arts services sector, our focus is on aiding individual artists and rebuilding and restoring smaller arts and culture nonprofits by providing them with recovery and funding information. Harvey Arts Recovery is also gathering data from artists and nonprofits who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey in order to request funding from national art funders, and advocate for disaster recovery laws to be more favorable to the arts. PHOTO BY: LT. ZACHARY WEST/ARMY NATIONAL GUARD VIA GETTY IMAGES ARTWORK BY:

GONZO797This subtab of the Immediate Action tab is for individual artists impacted by Hurricane Harvey (nonprofit organizations should look at the Private Nonprofit Assistance subtab). If you are an artist in the 65 county region who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and has not sent Harvey Arts Recovery your information (for data collecting purposes), you can do that at the bottom of this page by filling out the Artist Impact Form. If you are an artist in the 65 county region who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and has not sent Harvey Arts Recovery your information (for data collecting purposes), you can do that by filling out the Artist Impact Form below.