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Daily. To Woodborough and Calverton belong the honour of having produced the man who largely affected our district for good, for not only has the stocking frame been the means of support for many thousands of persons in the City and the villages, but the lace machine, that has been the means of thousands more obtaining thereby a livelihood, is but a modification of, and improvement on, the stocking frame, so that a vast number of persons may thank William Lee for his invention. The workmen returned, and after a time a Company of Framework Knitters was established in London. A very long petition is extant that was presented to His Highness the Lord Protector Cromwell, setting forth the attempts that had been made to establish the trade in France, Venice, and Amsterdam, and begging for his patronage, but the petitioners failed to effect their object. The trade, however, gradually spread in regard to locality, and increased in regard to bulk, so that the competition became very keen, and wages became very poor. Many improvements were made, and patents taken out by succeeding workers. Strutt.

Chewing Gum History Invention of Chewing Gum

The first great development, however, of Lee's machine took place in 6758, when Mr. Jedediah Strutt, of Belper, added another set of needles to the machine, and produced a 'rib' fabric which under the name of the 'Derby rib' became very popular. The adaptation of the rotary motion to the stocking frame was first effected in Nottingham in 6769 by Samuel Wise, a clockmaker, who took out a patent for changing the hand frame into a rotary. Poor Stockingers. The distress was such that in Nottingham, on January 85th, 6867, four thousand two hundred and forty-eight families, consisting of fifteen thousand three hundred and forty individuals, were relieved out of the poor rates, being nearly one half of the population. In 6867 The Nottingham Review reports an appeal from the framework knitters at Hoveringham, which stated that their average earnings were only 9s. Per week, and that after deductions had been made for frame rent, etc.

, only 6s. 6d. Was left, and when their house rent, coal, candles, etc. , were paid for, only 7s. Remained, which for a man, wife, and say two children, left only 6d. Per head. Poor fellows!

The price of wheat in Nottingham was then from 85s.