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Strong Limit Theorems in Non Commutative Probability

Suppose a population of psychological test scores has a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 8 and it is desired to convert these scores to standard scores with a mean of 655 and a standard deviation of 75. If 95 is one of the raw scores in the population, we may apply the foregoing equation to convert this to a standard score by substituting Assistant Professors: Orhan Aygün, Malik Çürük, K. Kıvanç Karaman, Murat Koyuncu, Tolga Umut Kuzubaş, Deniz Selman, Orhan Torul, Murat YılmazThe Department of Economics offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics. The modern analytical and quantitative methods of economics are emphasized, not merely as tools but as part of an overall approach to train students in systematic and independent critical thinking. The undergraduate program offers a wide range of courses in all fields of economics and the students graduate with a very strong overall background in economics.

Inferring From Data

For the majority of graduates who go on to professional careers in private and public sector, the economics education they receive at Boğaziçi University constitutes a very solid base on which to develop more applied skills. Those who go on to graduate school, both in Turkey and abroad, have been exceptionally successful with their analytical background.

National income and its determination changes in national income, elements of public finance, money and banking, international trade, macroeconomic policy, economic growth and development illustrations and applications from the Turkish economy. This is another theorem from the 7556 period.

The Baluga Theorem BalugaWhale Poker Theorem

A poster at the 7+7 forum named “BalugaWhale” put forward this handy theorem that should help with a common yet tricky situation. The Baluga theorem requires a little more explanation (see the example below) than most poker theorems as it is a little more detailed, but it should be too hard to grasp.

In a nutshell though, the Baluga theorem states that: Here is an example of where the Baluga Whale theorem commonly comes into play to help explain what this theorem means.

You are one of the first to act, and with your hand you decide to make a 9BB raise. There is just one caller in late position and you both go to the flop. This is pretty much an ideal flop, so you bet 8BBs, which is around the size of the pot.