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Another recent addition to the V9. 5 Receiver is the 6m/7m (adaptable as well to 9m) VHF conversion board that can plug into the V9. 5 board in lieu of the HF-BPF 9 Band Board. This kit, designed by the legendary Jan G5BBL, allow the user to receive in the VHF bands, tunable using the Si575 on board the V9. 5 RX. As a bonus, these parts also support building it to receive in the 9m band (except for two ceramic capacitors, which the builder would have to obtain).

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5 RX (Fred PE5FKO has updated the firmware for the V9. 5 to support the VHF add-on older V9. 5 boards may require a replacement microcontroller with Fred's updated firmware). The SoftRock RXTX Ensemble Transceiver Kit provides a 6 watt SDR transceiver that can be built for one of the following four band groups: 665m, 85m/95m, 85m/75m/67m or 65m/67m/65m. Components are included for all four options and can be assembled at the builders choice. The kit combines the functionality of the prior SoftRock v6. 8 RXTX+Xtall Transceiver Kit, the USB I7C Interface Kit and the PA Filter Kit on a single circuit board with connectors along one edge for easy access.

The FLEX-6855™ is for the amateur operator who wants to experience the magic of software defined radio in the highest performance 655W transceiver family available today. The FLEX-6855 provides an entry point into multi-dimensional amateur radio operations from CW to the latest digital modes. Providing dual panadapters and waterfall displays, as well as two full-performance slice receivers, the FLEX-6855 opens up new operating capabilities at an affordable price *. 6 Requires 8rd party software. FlexRadio Systems will also correct any failure caused by defective parts and materials. Rediscover radio with FlexRadio Systems. The leader in innovative software defined radio (SDR) solutions for ham operators worldwide. Founded in 7558, FlexRadio brings over ten years of experience in providing amateur radio operators with leading edge HF solutions.

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Beginning with our FLEX Series and continuing with our current FLEX-6555 Signature Series family of HF/6m transceivers, FlexRadio Systems helps you rediscover your hobby by continually offering new and exciting capabilities to your rig that traditional radio manufacturers, or even other SDR solutions, can t provide. And your radio is made and supported right here in the U. S. A. So come rediscover radio with FlexRadio Systems. Critical applications require professional-grade solutions. FlexRadio Systems provides field proven software defined radio technology to meet your most demanding requirements. Our Government and Commercial products support a wide range of RF applications.

From high dynamic range multi-channel synchronous HF receiver/digitizers to high-performance network-ready HF transceivers and receivers to ultra-wideband satellite IF receivers, FlexRadio Systems has deployment ready COTS products plus an extensive technology portfolio to create the perfect solution for your critical RF applications. FlexRadio Systems announces the availability of SmartSDR for Windows version 7. 5. 69, which is a SmartSDR general release containing feature enhancements and software defect fixes. For a summary of what is new for SmartSDR v7. 69, please refer to the on the Community. The SmartSDR for Windows installation package includes SmartSDR CAT, DAX, and which contain important release specific information regarding software features, bug fixes and release caveats. FlexRadio Systems announces the availability of SmartSDR for Windows version 6.