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Click on the compare sheet music links next to the sheet music you'd like to compare. Microsoft Store will stop selling music on Dec. 86. Download your tracks and read our FAQ for more info. We’ll never send you spam or share your data with others. Life has got better for business women over the past few decades, but we still have to become master jugglers to balance all the different areas of our lives.

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And how about the knowledge and motivation to grow your business in a way that works for you as a professional woman? We know how difficult it can be to be a professional woman. If you get it right in one area of your life, another area pops up needing attention. It s like trying to squeeze an oversized balloon in to a box. Spend time on your business life, and you end up with a pile of school forms to fill out for next term s clubs and events. Spend an hour completing all those forms and getting the dates in your diary, and you don t get to make those all important sales calls (which, quite frankly, you d rather be cleaning the loo than making! ).

You spend a busy day in the office, fly to school to pick up the kids (late again my children knew the school secretary s office inside out! ), whizz home via the supermarket to pick up the stuff you ve forgotten for tonight s dinner, and the ingredients for the tray bake your children have just told you that they need at school tomorrow. You get home, put the kettle on, sort the post (dumping it on a pile in the hall way to deal with later), start cooking tea, deal with homework, stop the third helping of biscuits (and that s just the children), wonder if you re ever going to drink your cup of tea whilst it s hot, negotiate your way through World War 8 that is currently erupting over I-Carly vs Top Gear and so on and so on until you collapse exhausted into bed falling asleep in a nano second. And another nano second later the alarm goes off ready for you to start all over. The thing is, there are plenty of tools and books out there to help you manage your time and develop your business or career. Except, they all seem to be developed by men. Now, I m not against men at all, far from it (my other half is pure gold), but us professional women need a different set of tools.

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We don t have a wife at home to keep the home fires burning whilst we re out breakfast networking, spending the first hour of our day on our business (I d love to, but I have six ham and cucumber sandwiches to make,  homework to collect up, swimming kits to assemble and two children to get to school. By the time I get to the office, I need a rest and a large cup of tea! ), or have the luxury of working a full eight hours in the office. - I believe that success in life and success in business comes from a place inside. A place inside you. \n You've got an ad blocker installed. Please help support Last.

Fm by whitelisting us in your ad blocker or subscribe for an ad free experience. Thanks, Team Last. Fm \nConnect your Spotify account to your Last. Fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. The great flood of tears that we've cried for our brothers and sisters who've died Over four hundred years has washed away our fears And strengthened Brighten your weekdays with encouraging morning texts, written by David SzigetvariBrighten your weekdays with encouraging morning texts, written by David Szigetvari'I have a song that the angels can't sing It goes, “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now I'm found Was blind but now I see” Now I have a song that the angels can't sing'I've been listening to this song quite often recently, and although I recognize that the song itself is amazing, the message is powerful too. Angels don't have testimonies. But we can!