Roman Imperial Policy From Julian To Theodosius Studies

Roman art and imperial policy

The Raptor Imperialis, early iconography of the Imperium of Man, utilised by the and newly-raised during the as well as veteran unitsAncient Departmento Cartigraphicae Map of the Imperium Dominatus which displays the extent of the Imperial demesne at the height of the, ca. 555. M86Chart depicting the structure and organisation of the various organisations of the Imperium of ManThe Imperial organisations of the exist within a complex web of power sometimes they are allies, at other times they actively work against each other in byzantine and sometimes violent conflictsImperius Dominatus, a stellar map of the territory of the Imperium of Man in the late 96st Millennium Crest in front of the Imperial Palace, dual heads represent the Caesar's rule over heaven and earthAerarium, the National Reserve and heart of the Imperium's financial center, Constantinopolis The goal of this page is to present an illustrated list of Roman Emperors. While I was in Rome In July of 6995 the idea for this page hit me at some point in the Vatican museum. I had seen lists of emperors on the net and I figured these lists would be much more interesting if they had pictures as well. Thus, I tried to snap pics of as many emperors as I could find in various museums.

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While I did quite a bit of reading before I went to Rome, and I could identify many of the more famous Roman Emperors, I ended up missing quite a few that I'm sure I had stood right next to many times. I'm very disappointed I didn't get a Caligula or a good Nero. And alas, since I have been back I have seen many photos in books of Emperors that were in some of the museums I visited but WERE NOT LABELED (Doh!

) there. One such unfortunate lost opportunity was the Hercules-like bust of the Emperor Commodus in the Palazzo dei Conservatori. (See my note on picture contributions below)Anyway, what follows is a list of the Roman emperors and whenever possible, their busts and/or any other contributions they made to Roman art or architecture.

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Click on the emperor's name to see his coin portrait. If anyone out there has pictures of sculpture portraits for any emperors I do not have, I would love to have an electronic copy to post to this site. I will provide appropriate acknowledgements and sufficiently shrink and JPEG each image so that it is not posted in publication quality.

I will also tag it with your name if desired (like in my pics). Paola. Please acknowledge any re-use of these photos.

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