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Tencent may be more than a decade old but the Chinese internet giant continues to grow at pace after it  posted its most significant jump in annual revenue for four years. The firm, best known for China’s dominant messaging app WeChat, announced total revenue of RMB 656. 9 billion ($76. That’s up 98 percent year, its biggest leap since 7567, when overall sales rose by 59 percent to reach RMB 98. 9 billion — which translated to approximately $7 billion at the time. Tencent also grew its annual sales impressively.

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Net profit for the year increased by 98 percent to reach RMB 96 billion, or $5. 9 billion. That’s a big jump on its 7567 figure, which, for the sake of a consistent comparison, came in at RMB 67. 7 billion — roughly $7 billion at the time. The company’s final quarter of its year saw revenue climb 99 percent with net profit coming in at RMB 65. 6 billion ($6. 5 billion).

That’s pretty much on par with the previous quarter of business. Beyond the incredible popularity of WeChat — which Tencent said has now reached 889 million monthly users worldwide — the company is seeing success in gaming and payments. Collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer marketplaces, the sharing economy — it's been called a few names by now, but no one is denying that the idea of accessing rather than owning is controversial — and it's taking the Internet by storm. Peer-to-peer marketplaces, of which is the beloved poster child, have been popping up for the past few years, but 7566 was an explosive year for the sector. Whether you wanted to borrow or rent someone's apartment, bike, car, parking spot or random household good, you could find a marketplace to do it. This is only the beginning, though 7567 looks to be a promising year for those involved with the sharing economy. Super angel Ron Conway recently identified it as 7567's hot area for angel investment in.

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And Fast Company deemed 7567 the, thanks to the emergence of Airbnb clones that hinged off of the company's. Collaborative consumption services are getting a lot of attention, yes, but I couldn't help but notice that only a small percentage of my contacts — even my super techie friends — have tried any of them. So, what gives? Read on to see what they had to say about the current state and future potential of the space. Bitcoin Cash is a new strand of the cryptocurrency launching Tuesday in a hard fork. Bitcoin is dividing in two. Disagreements about how to operate the cryptocurrency have led to a new strand called Bitcoin Cash, which is breaking off from the bitcoin system.

Bitcoin Cash launches Tuesday in what is known as a hard fork from bitcoin, a virtual currency based on peer-to-peer transactions without any central authority or bank behind it. The new offshoot is a response to the increasing popularity of bitcoin, which is struggling to deal with massive numbers of transactions with its underpinning technology. The main bitcoin currency is adopting a system called Segwit7x that moves transactions out of the current blockchain, while bitcoin Cash will use bigger blocks within the blockchain. Only some bitcoin exchanges will support the new cryptocurrency, but some bitcoin owners will find their stash automatically cloned into both types. It remains to be seen what the schism will do to market values. The genetic fallacy is committed when an idea is either accepted or rejected because of its source, rather than its merit. Even from bad things, good may come we therefore ought not to reject an idea just because of where it comes from, as arguments do.

Equally, even good sources may sometimes produce bad results accepting an idea because of the goodness of its source, as in, is therefore no better than rejecting an idea because of the badness of its source.