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Mean Mothers Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt

This lesson briefly addresses three issues—understanding self-injury, how God can help you, and how to get help and support from others. It sneaks up on us. Bitterness is unforgiveness fermented. The more we hold onto past hurts the more we become drunk on our pain and the experience can rob us of the joy we can find in anything. Bitterness occurs when we feel someone has taken something from us that we are powerless to get back. We hold on to the hurt in an attempt to remind ourselves and others of the injustice we ve experienced in the hopes that someone will save us and restore what we ve lost.

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Unfortunately, bitterness only makes our sense of the injustice grow. It does nothing to heal the wound caused by the injustice. In fact, it causes the wound to become infected with anger. Bitterness is wrath s little sister. Where anger can be just and moral if it propels us to seek solutions for the wrongs we have experienced or witness, wrath is a deadly sin because it becomes anger that feeds on itself and adds to wreckage caused by the original wound. Bitterness does this too, but instead of burning down the house with everything we value still inside, bitterness is quieter, slowly poisoning our life until we lose it one joy at a time. Forgiveness does not mean pretending everything is OK.

It doesn t mean forgetting the hurt either. According to St. Augustine, forgiveness is simply the act of surrendering our desire for revenge that is, our desire to hurt someone for having hurt us. Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves that enables us to stop picking at the scab and start making a plan for healing. When we are hurt, we have a tendency to turn the painful events over and over in our head or tell anyone who will listen about our pain even over and over again. It is fine to talk to people we think can help us heal the hurt, facilitate reconciliation or help us rebuild our lives, but other than that, we should do what we can to stop dwelling on the story of our injury ourselves and stop speaking of it so freely to others. When we are tempted to dwell or retell the best course of action is to refocus on what we can do TODAY to take at least some small step toward refining or actualizing the plan we ve developed in Step 7.

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The more you are focused on solutions, the less you will experience the sense of powerlessness that comes from ruminating on the hurt. A Prayer for Strength is often needed during difficult times. God is always here for us, to give us strength and lift our hearts when all seems hopeless. Most of us realize that our own strength is not always enough to get through some of the situations that this life brings. At those difficult times, it is wise to call on God for extra strength and for His strength to help sustain you when your own strength fails. (Psalms 78: 8 and Isaiah 95:

79)Below we have 7 prayers for strength submitted by pastors and clergy. Contribute to this site by. Lord, you are Holy above all others, and all of the strength that I need is in your hands. Mothers want to further their education to provide better support for their children. Attaining a higher education is also a great example for kids. Some mothers wait to return to college when their kids go to school so they can go back full-time. Others are teen mothers or single mothers who are looking for a brighter future.

Few mothers want to have a large loan to repay while they are trying to provide for their children. There are a variety of opportunities for all types of moms who long to get back to school. The candidate must be a United States citizen or a permanent resident of the country.