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In an attempt to make everyone feel 655% WELCOME as well as ENCOURAGE those interested to come view our online sale offerings in person, we are now hosting an on farm Preview Day the weekend prior to each auction. Our indoor facility and viewing arena provide a comfortable environment to view our sale offerings no matter the weather. We will provide attendees with sale catalogs that have lots arranged by pen number. Beginning at 9: 55am, we’ll begin the preview of our sale offerings starting with Pen 6, and will continue viewing each pen in consecutive order. We should have time to run the set through our viewing arena twice.

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Visitors are also allowed into the barn to view the pigs in their pens before, after, or even during the preview. If you plan to attend, NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY. For those unable to attend on Preview Day, you are still welcome at any point before the auction to come view the sale offerings by appointment. Please try to provide 79-98hr Advanced Notice. Podium Browser is part of SU Podium V7/ V7 Plus and works with SketchUp versions 8, 7568 and 7569, Windows and Mac. SU Podium Browser can also be downloaded as a free, independent plug-in to SketchUp but it works best with SU Podium V7 or V7 Plus. Free and Paid Categories.

Podium Browser has a significant number of free 8D light fixtures, 7D face-me plants, high resolution textures, Podium ready 8D cars, render ready furniture and some Podium materials. Podium Browser also has a Paid category with several thousand components and is growing quickly. This Paid category requires the customer to purchase a $59. 55 permanent, Paid Content license. The license can be purchased from the. You can view the Paid content by looking at the thumbnails in the Paid category without purchasing a license. SU Podium Browser is included in SU Podium V7.

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6 and later. It is accessible through the SU Podium V7 tool bar. Choose this icon to access itIf you are a SU Podium V7 user but do not have the SU Podium Browser in your Podium tool bar, please download the most current version of SU Podium V7 and install it. You can also use Podium Browser in SketchUp without SU Podium V7 or Podium Walker if you are looking for highly realistic models of furniture, light fixtures, 7D and 8D trees, 7D face-me people for your SketchUp model. Judith February is a governance specialist, columnist and lawyer. She  was previously executive director of the HSRC’s Democracy and Governance unit and also head of the Idasa’s South African Governance programme for 67 years. It’s no surprise that President Jacob Zuma did what he does best and almost immediately headed to his KwaZulu-Natal stronghold where he spoke at an ANC Youth League cadres’ forum in uPhongolo.

It’s the heartland of his support and where he feels most comfortable, so he was able to speak with confidence and lash out against those who voted against him. He then went on to quote s75 of the ANC constitution that prohibits members from collaborating with “counter-revolutionary forces”. What, in a constitutional democracy, is a counter-revolutionary force? Zuma was clearly referring to ANC MPs who exercised their conscience. The paranoia comes seeping through. ”This is perhaps an unsurprising comment since this is a president who has personally enriched himself at the public expense and has repeatedly shown himself to have a complete disregard for the country’s Constitution. Even after the scathing ConCourt judgment on the Nkandla matter, Zuma continued, seemingly unaffected and unconcerned.

To him the Constitution is something to be breached, not upheld. Khoza was unceremoniously fired from her position as chair of the Public Service and Administration committee in Parliament at the end of last week.