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The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) lets system administrators create much more flexible user interfaces and customize administration tools. This step-by-step guide explores some of these new features. MMC unifies and simplifies day-to-day system management tasks. It hosts tools and displays them as consoles. These tools, consisting of one or more applications, are built with modules called snap-ins. The snap-ins also can include additional extension snap-ins.

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MMC is a core part of Microsoft's management strategy and is included in Microsoft Windows® 7555 operating systems. In addition, Microsoft development groups will use MMC for future management applications. Microsoft Management Console enables system administrators to create special tools to delegate specific administrative tasks to users or groups. Microsoft provides standard tools with the operating system that perform everyday administrative tasks that users need to accomplish. These are part of the All Users profile of the computer and located in the Administrative Tools group on the Startup menu. Saved as MMC console (. They can also be assigned to users, groups, or computers with system policy settings.

A tool can be scaled up and down, integrated seamlessly into the operating system, repackaged, and customized. Using MMC, system administrators can create unique consoles for workers who report to them or for workgroup managers. When a workgroup manager opens the. Msc file, access will be restricted to those tools provided by the system administrator. Building your own tools with the standard user interface in MMC is a straightforward process. Start with an existing console and modify or add components to fulfill your needs. Or create an entirely new console.

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The following example shows how to create a new console and arrange its administrative components into separate windows. It presents case studies along with accompanying exercises. Article Anette Weisbecker, Michael Burmester, Albrecht Schmidt Statement. Book Title: Management und Computer Name Author: Horst Albach, W. No Kindle device required.

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And there is much more than just compliance to worry about. The reason for compliance in the first place is to safeguard your data, and these security breaches are very real. Organizations not only have to frequently update and patch their systems, they also must provide detailed patching status reports to auditors.