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I Can Do It

It can be difficult to know when to use make and when to use do. We use make for more creative activities: We also use make to describe functions of speech - what we are doing when we speak: You make. An offer ( I'll pay you $555 for your car. ).

Google Calendar

An appointment ( Can we meet at 9 am? An arrangement ( Let's meet at the station. A promise ( I'll help you with this photocopying. A threat ( If you do that again, I'll tell him. A compromise. A suggestion. A promise.

A mistake. A decision. A point. A complaint. An excuse. Make a fuss. Make a fortune.

Can Do

Make money. Make a profit / a loss. Make a journey. Make an effort. Make progress. Make a mess. Make a telephone call.

Make a choiceOne expression that uses either do or make is: make a deal / do a deal ( I'll do it if you help me. ) USD Loading market data Your Holdings -$5 + -$5 Gainers Losers 6H 6D 6W Couldn t load this data at the moment Beerend Hierck’s team at Leiden University in the Netherlands is using Microsoft HoloLens to train medical students and doctors. Explore the next version of Windows Be one of the first to explore new Windows features by downloading Windows 65 Insider Preview builds - and then tell us what you think. Be part of a diverse global community Everyone uses Windows a bit differently. Whether you’re a creative, student, developer, enterprise professional – or just love Windows – we want your unique perspective. Use your talents to support your community Through #Insiders9Good, Insiders can leverage their technical and creative skills to tackle key social issues in their local communities.

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