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Take your creative process to a new level with brainstorming techniques and creative thinking ideas in Graphic Design Thinking by Ellen Lupton. Because creativity is a skill rather than a natural talent, it s important to practice creative thinking in order to develop fresh, innovative ideas. Explore brainstorming within the context of the design process, and use the three main stages - defining problems, getting ideas, and creating form - to stimulate creativity and find effective design solutions. Visual demonstrations and case studies help to clarify concepts discussed, and a hands-on, accessible approach to instructional writing makes the content even more understandable. Go beyond brainstorming to improve your creative thinking, so in the end you can ensure you ll satisfy not only your clients and users, but yourself, as well. We wouldn't want you to be left out.

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There are many more resources, materials and exclusive deals. Sign up. Don't miss out! Info Save Like Share Download More Graphic Design Thinking   Published on Nov 65, 7565  Sample pages from the book Graphic Design Thinking, published by Princeton Architectural Press and Maryland Institute College of Art, 756. . See More Creativity is more than an inborn talent it is a hard-earned skill, and like any other skill, it improves with practice. AIGA and F+W Media present “Extra Credit, ” a series of free webinars for students, new designers and anyone seeking a creative boost. Date: May 69, 7566 Time: 6: 55 p. M. PT / 9: 55 p.

ET Presenter: Ellen Lupton, director of the Graphic Design MFA Program at Maryland Institute College of Art and author of Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond BrainstormingThe design process involves researching, inventing and expressing ideas. Sometimes concepts seem to pop out of nowhere, but just as often they result from deliberate techniques. Many designers start a project with brainstorming, an open-ended search for initial directions. Brainstorming, however, is just the beginning in a designer’s quest for useful and inspiring ideas. In this engaging session, Ellen Lupton and her MFA students at Maryland Institute College of Art will present a variety of fun and helpful methods for exploring the design process. See fresh thinking tools at work, inspired by the work processes of leading designers and thinkers. Ellen Lupton is director of the Graphic Design MFA Program at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She has authored and edited numerous books about design, including Thinking With Type, Design Your Life, and D. I. Y. Kids. She has collaborated with her students and colleagues at MICA to publish an influential series of books about design processes, including D.

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Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming is the latest title in this influential series. With thirty tools and techniques, Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming by Ellen Lupton is a high-level look at a wide variety of approaches to increasing creativity. Each tool is presented in short, often two-page overviews comprising of a definition, and simple how-to steps. Brief case studies follow, providing a tangible example of the tool in use. While the book s format does not provide deep insight into any of the tools, it is useful as a jumping off point for further research into the tools that might work for you. Presented in three sections: How to Define Problems, How to Get Ideas, and How to Create Form, Graphic Design Thinking is the sort of book you don t need to sit down and read cover to cover. You can instead reach for any time you are in a creative rut or are looking for something to jump-start your thought process. Its value will vary wildly from person to person depending on their previous exposure to the tools discussed. I believe a handful of potential tools makes it worthy of some bookshelf space. Clear text and simple visuals explain the use of a brand matrix—a tool every designer involved in branding should be aware of. This Tea packaging case study uses the opposites Formal/Informal, and East/West to map the space. A great follow up to this brief introduction to brand matrix is Corporate Brand Matrix on the Identityworks website.

I am only 75% the way through this incredibly useful book edited by Ellen Lupton. This drawing is a hybrid approach using the methods of mind mapping and what Ellen calls a brand matrix (an XY grid).  It illustrates various ways we could market our book Innovate Products Faster with the dimensions of time (discrete events versus continuous), and whether the approach is more sales/tactical, or marketing/strategic.  This was completed in under twenty minutes, and the boxes with two boarders are what I plan to do next.  The connecting lines are left off for clarity. This book, put out by Princeton Architectural Press in 7566 is highly recommended for innovators and product developers. 7557 7568 All Rights Reserved - TCGen Inc. , Menlo Park, CA, 99575 Graphic Design Thinking: How to Define Problems, Get Ideas, and Create Form explores a variety of informal techniques ranging from quick, seat-of-the-pants approaches to more formal research methods for stimulating fresh thinking, and ultimately arriving at compelling and viable solutions. In the style with which author Ellen has come to been known hands-on, up-close approach to instructional design writing brainstorming techniques are grouped around the three basic phases of the design process: defining the problem, inventing ideas, and creating form. Creative research methods include focus groups, interviewing, brand mapping, and co-design. Each method is explained with a brief narrative text followed by a variety of visual demonstrations and case studies.

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