Florida s Mysterious Skunk Ape Is Part of a Larger Bigfoot

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67-79-67 Mark and Justin ask how you like to celebrate the new year, in your house or at a bar? 67-77-67 Mark and Justin talk to a woman who sneaks out of the house to watch the Jags Play. Her dad is boycotting the games. Is she wrong to go against him? It's the last episode of 7567! Meghan talks to Katrice Shorter, teacher/rehab therapist by day-fashion and food blogger by night! Her blog High Heels And Good Meals is a lifestyle blog that touches on everything from fashion, travel and delicious food. The second Jax Health and Fitness Expo is a free event dedicated to helping Northeast Florida better their lives through health and fitness.

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Climate change Tom McKay 9/59/67 9: 89pm 775 Share to Kinja Go to permalink Photo: AP Hurricane Irma, which has been downgraded to a Category 8 storm as it closes in on Florida, is now expected to swing west, regain power and rake the state’s west coast on its way north, the said on Saturday. “On the forecast track, the core of Irma will continue to move near or over the north coast of Cuba this afternoon, and will reach the Florida Keys Sunday morning, ” the NHC wrote. “The hurricane is expected to move along or near the southwest coast of Florida Sunday afternoon. “. Irma is forecast to restrengthen once it moves away from Cuba, and Irma is expected to remain a powerful hurricane as it approaches Florida. ”Image:

While the storm’s eyewall is projected to make landfall on Sunday, the NHC cautioned Irma’s huge size puts people and property at risk in a radius extending hundreds of miles. Give a chimp a typewriter and infinite time and it will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare, or so the theory goesBut it seems if you give a chimp a paintbrush it takes barely any time at all to become an artist. Or at least that's the theory behind a new exhibition called Apes That Paint which will be hosted at a framing store in Florida next month. Bubbles the chimp, who once went on tour with Michael Jackson, now spends most of his time painting - and his artworks are about to go on display in FloridaAfter his appearance with the King of Pop, Bubbles was retired to the Center for Great Apes in 7555, and his art will be sold to raise money for the institution AUI is building the largest solar panel farm in Texas using three APE DHJ85 pilerigs. The piles are 6 x9lbs per ft. H- beams that are 75' long. The job consists of 76,955 h-piles and AUI is averging between 675 and 655 piles per day per rig. This solar farm will generate 85mw of power which is enough to power 67k to 68k homes once it is complete.

The combination of service and service response time has been critical to the excellent performance and production of the DHJ 85's.