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Visit us at Booth #887 and download the 7th Annual Dealmakers’ Intentions Survey which was presented at the conference. I was very impressed with the level of industry knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with the team. I felt inVentiv was a company that could read between the lines and see the bigger picture of what we’re trying to achieve from a long-term point of view. InVentiv will become even more important to us in the future as we face margin compression, patent cliffs, and the changes in healthcare. After an extensive global review of potential clinical research organizations, we selected the broad-scale inVentiv platform as an important differentiator for our program.

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Anarchic Adventures in Arts, Activism, Anthropology and Alternative EconomicsBitCoins are a weapon in a war against paper (physical) money. They also require electrons to trade so if you have no electron access you have no $. The number of the beast is here and everyone who is a got damned nagger slave to $ is begging for it. Thanks Luminous, although paper money is a comparatively small part of the global monetary system - most money is electronicBrett. Most debt created will never be repaid.

Irredeemable promises are the basis of money today. So because most of the world s currency is derived from the notional value of derivitaves - bitcoin is cool? Are you really just a tool with no cognitaive ability? Let s be honest - the worlds biggest businesses, drugs and weapons, are done with $655 bills for the most part. Do you think the printers of those bills would like to save on the cost of printing, control each transaction and have naggers who make a living spewing noise from their rectum telling tall tales of how stealing from the poor in order to enrich the rich is important to explain to granny.

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The article should conclude with granny saying old boss is the same as the new boss. Ha ha, I ll add tool with no cognitive ability to my CV. Not sure I follow all your points, and not sure I understand what naggers are, but to be honest I just wrote this to help myself and any others who might be confused by Bitcoin. You ll notice I m not making any grand points about why it should be adopted or not. Cheers The Bulletin of Primitive Technology Back Issues Tables of Contents from previous issues of the Bulletin of Primitive TechnologyLooking for an article from a past issue of the Bulletin?

For your convenience, the Table of Contents from all previous issues of the Bulletin are listed on this page. Use your browser's built-in search function to find key words. The SPT Bulletin #78. Fall 7559. Storage, Containers and Storable FoodsOUT OF PRINT!

Articles from this issue were included in the books Primitive Technolgy and Primitive Technology IIOUT OF PRINT! Articles from this issue were included in the books Primitive Technolgy and Primitive Technology II