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We have updated our systems. If you have not reset your password since Dec 69, please reset your password now to access your SAGE online account. Click 'Additional Materials' for downloadable samples This valuable reference provides an excellent overview of a serious world-wide problem. As such, it is an essential purchase for all libraries. -- LIBRARY JOURNAL (star review) Levinson's remarkable work deserves an award for tackling this complex social problem in such a very thorough and well-organized way. Highly Recommended.

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--CHOICE At any given moment, about 8 million American women, men, and children are homeless. And another 5 million Americans spend over 55% of their incomes on housing, meaning that one missed paycheck, one health crisis, or one unpaid utility bill can push them out the door into homelessness. Homelessness is one of the major social problems and personal and family tragedies of the contemporary world. No community, city, or nation is immune and the lack of affordable housing and a decline in secure, well-paying jobs means that the problem will only get worse. The Encyclopedia of Homelessness is the first systematic effort to organize and summarize what we know about this complex topic that impacts not only the homeless but all of society. The Encyclopedia focuses on the current situation in the United States with a comparative sampling of homelessness around the world. The Encyclopedia contains entries on Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, France, Guatemala, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Tokyo, Calcutta, London and others around the world.

In the U. S. , social type ranks with gender, race, and ethnicity in choosing the values, actions, political habit, and lifestyles possibilities of members. Such a lot students agree at the value of sophistication, even though they generally disagree on what it truly is and the way it affects americans. This A-Z encyclopedia, the 6st to target classification within the usa, surveys the breadth of sophistication strata all through our heritage, for top institution scholars to most of the people. Classification is illuminated in 575 essay entries on major humans, phrases, theories, courses, associations, eras, ethnic teams, areas, and masses more. Read Online or Download Class in America [Three Volumes]:

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An Encyclopedia PDFDisasters can strike at any time. From the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius to storm Katrina, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and different normal mess ups have triggered great death, human anguish, and environmental disaster. The complicated technological and social alterations of the previous couple of centuries haven't basically intensified the effect of such usual failures, yet have additional new brought new purposes to be troubled - aircraft crashes, bombings, business injuries, genocides. Human activities - or inactions - can catapult a ordinary phenomenon right into a lethal disaster. Likewise, nature will be extraordinarily disrupted by way of occasions which are created via humans. The traditional indicators of class are wealth, power, and prestige, but even these may be social science markers from an earlier era in which the discourse about class was considerably more informed than it is now.

How does one classify, for example, police officers and firefighters? In many cities such individuals are now professionals with six-figure salaries. Are they members of the middle class? What about bluecollar auto workers in Michigan who make more than public school teachers? Even more problematic is the fact that many American families sustain material lifestyles consistent with middle-class status by assuming consumer credit debt. That said, the academy retains many of its medieval associations with wealth and privilege. Ivy League schools and other elite colleges and universities have made strides in diversifying, but the economic profiles of student families remain far above median income levels, and the schools obtain relatively few students from working-class backgrounds.

Nulla viverra, arcu et iaculis consequat, justo diam ornare tellus, semper ultrices tellus nunc eu tellus. Homelessness emerged as a major social problem in the early 6985s, and since then a plethora of edited works has appeared, providing an overview of the problem and solutions. This section includes works that look at the different dimensions of homelessness.