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Our ancestors were acutely aware that certain locations, were perceived to have a positive energy field which was beneficial to health and vitality. Over time, these areas are now referred to as sacred sites for spiritual ceremony and as healing centres. In contrast, there are other geographical locations that can have a negative effect upon health and these are known as geopathic stress zones. It is believed that such zones can interfere with the brain s normal function that inhibits the release of melatonin and other endocrine secretions needed to replenish the immune system. Geopathic stress can affect animals and plant life as well as human beings and significantly contributes to sick building syndrome (SBS). Whilst there is an increasing body of opinion amongst eminent researchers and scientists who are addressing these issues, the establishment professions are slow to change.

Electromagnetic Fields and Energy MIT OpenCourseWare

However, very gradually, modern allopathic medicine and attitudes are beginning to recognise the extraordinary wisdom and efficacy of ancient traditions such as acupuncture, light, colour and other therapies based on the understanding and treatment of the interaction of a person s electromagnetic subtle body and the immediate environment. These and many other ‘complementary’ therapies may soon become mainstream medical practice. In the meantime, we can help ourselves by learning how to detect the hazards and daily practise prudent avoidance. Previous article in issue Next article in issue Keywords Human brain-wave activity Man-generated EMF fields EMF hazards Positive energy field locations Sacred sites Geopathic stress zones Allopathic/complementary therapies Prudent avoidance Choose an option to locate/access this article: Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Diverging transparent conducting electrodes (tin-oxide coated glass) stressed by high voltage draws dielectric liquid upwards with a height proportional to the square of the electric field so that the height is greatest where the electrode gap is least. (Image by Education Development Center, Inc.

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Use OCW to guide your own life-long learning, or to teach others. We don't offer credit or certification for using OCW. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are areas of energy that surround electrical devices. Everyday sources of EMFs includeSome people worry about EMF exposure and cancer. Some studies have found a link between EMF exposure and a higher risk of childhood leukemia, but other studies have not. Other studies have not found proof that EMF exposure causes other childhood cancers. Studies in adults did not prove that EMF exposure causes cancer.

Some people worry that wireless and cellular phones cause cancer or other health problems. The phones do give off radio-frequency energy (RF), a form of electromagnetic radiation. So far, scientific evidence has not found a link between cell phone use and health problems in humans. However, scientists need to do more research on this before they can say for sure. Electromagnetic field, a property of space caused by the motion of an. A stationary charge will produce only an in the surrounding space. If the charge is moving, a is also produced.

An electric field can be produced also by a changing magnetic field. The mutual interaction of electric and magnetic fields produces an electromagnetic field, which is considered as having its own existence in space apart from the charges or currents (a stream of moving charges) with which it may be related. Under certain circumstances, this electromagnetic field can be described as a wave transporting electromagnetic energy.