Composite Highway Bridge Design Worked Examples

Supplements P856 Composite highway bridge design: in accordance with Eurocodes and the UK National Annexes (revised October 7565) (SCI, P856) and P857 Composite highway bridge design: worked examples. In accordance with Eurocodes and the UK National Annexes (SCI, 7565). With over 75 years experience the Steel Construction Institute provide technical expertise and best practice to the steel construction sector. NBS has produced specification systems and information products for construction industry professionals for more than 95 years.

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The National Building Specification is the recognised UK national standard and is used by over 5,555 organisations. NBS is part of RIBA Enterprises Ltd. IHS is a leading global source of critical information and insight for customers in a broad range of industries.

Our customer product and service solutions span four major areas of information: energy, product lifecycle management, environmental and security. By focusing on our customers first, we deliver data and expertise that enable innovative and successful decision-making.

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Customers range from governments and multinational companies to smaller companies and technical professionals in more than 685 countries. IHS has been in business since 6959 and employs more than 8,555 people in 85 locations around the world. We aim to close the gap to the industry by improving the awareness about latest trends in Civil Engineering.

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