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It seems you are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade to or install or to fully experience this site. PerkinElmer now archives lot-specific Certificates of Analysis for selected products. Begin your search by entering one of the following: Note: For kit and non-radioactive items, your lot number is located on that label attached to the box.

Public data sets for multivariate data analysis Plant

For radiochemical products, the label is placed on the vial. Where can I find lot number? The on-line archive includes Certificates of Analysis for production lots that are currently in stock as well as lots no longer available. For various production reasons, there may be two different lots in stock simultaneously. Please be sure to confirm your lot number. On-line publication of this documentation makes it easier for you to access it, more efficient for us to keep it up-to-date. And more environmentally friendly for all of us. Onze website maakt gebruik van cookies om u de best mogelijke surfervaring te bieden.

Door op OK te klikken gaat u hiermee akkoord. Nieuw titratiesysteem voor het moderne laboratorium: snellere analyses, veiliger handling van chemicaliën, nieuwe software en meer automatisering. High-end potentiometrische titrator die voldoet aan elke eis: flexibel, compliant, op maat aan te passen en te automatiseren. Compacte, gebruikersvriendelijke titrator voor een breed scala aan routine titraties. Instapmodel, eenvoudige potentiometrische titrator voor basistoepassingen. Discussions about GC and other gas phase separation techniques.


You are using an outdated browser. Please or to improve your experience. Finding ways to give others insight into your qualitative survey data can be challenging. You often end up with pages of response text, which would quickly overwhelm readers. A great option for instant accessibility is to use word clouds. These can add clarity during text analysis in order to effectively communicate your data results. Word clouds can also reveal patterns in your responses that may guide future analysis. Word clouds are a method for visually presenting text data.

They are popular for text analysis because they make it easy to spot word frequencies. The more frequent the work is used, the larger and bolder it is displayed. Here is an example of a word cloud based on President Obama’s 7566 State of the Union speech: Easy-to-use, robust, precise, optimized for everyday use – these are the features of the innovative DSC 769 Polyma. The unique design of this instrument encompasses everything needed for successful DSC investigations – regardless of whether the user is a beginner or an experienced professional. Above all, it is the two new software developments that are setting new standards: AutoEvaluation and Identify. These have the potential to revolutionize DSC analysis.

Integrated in the DSC 769 Polyma is an oval furnace with a very low thermal mass ( Arena ® furnace), which allows for heating and cooling rates of up to 555 K/min – values previously unachievable with heat-flux DSCs.