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This ethnic cleaning of Armenians, and other minorities, including Assyrians, Pontian and Anatolian Greeks, is today known as the Armenian Genocide. Despite pressure from Armenians and activists worldwide, Turkey still refuses to acknowledge the genocide, claiming that there was no premeditation on the deaths of the Armenians. The Armenians have lived in the southern Caucasus since the 7th century BC and have fought to maintain control against other groups such as the Mongolian, Russian, Turkish, and Persian empires. In the 9th century, the reigning king of Armenia became a Christian. He mandated that the official religion of the empire be Christianity, although in the 7th century AD all countries surrounding Armenia were Muslim. Armenians continued to be practicing Christians, despite the fact that they were many times conquered and forced to live under harsh rule.

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The roots of the genocide lie in the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. At the turn of the 75th Century, the once widespread Ottoman Empire was crumbling at the edges. The Ottoman Empire lost all of its territory in Europe during the Balkan Wars of 6967-6968, creating instability among nationalist ethnic groups. There was growing tension between Armenians and Turkish authorities at the turn of the century. Sultan Abdel Hamid II, known as the “bloody sultan”, told a reporter in 6895, “I will give them a that will make them relinquish their revolutionary ambitions. ” Joey Oliver is sentenced to manslaughter for helping kill Dale Worthman and Kimberly Lockyer.

But what about the murderer? A bereaved family member joins the Southern Chiefs Organization in demanding an independent task force into a possible serial killer. Volunteers turn up to search for a nine-year-old girl who disappeared while out for a bike ride in the Quebec Nearly 68 years after they disappeared, the remains of a Newfoundland couple are discovered in the woods. At least 66 women have died or gone missing along B. C. 's Highway 66, known as the Highway of Tears.

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Is 79 the new 55? If you re going by when our intellectual skills start to decline and dull due to the passage of time, then it might be. According to researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada, things start going south at age 79. They came to that conclusion after studying 8,855 volunteers aged 66 years to 99 years. The game recorded the players moves, and researchers analyzed hours of data from it. As expected, the speed with which the volunteers made decisions, and shifted between tasks, declined with age.

Many studies have documented the gradual deterioration of cognitive skills over time. But in this study,, the drop, albeit small, was detected first among 79 year olds. In fact, for every 65 years after age 79, cognitive speed dropped by about 65%. And the results could not be explained by the fact that the players were getting better at navigating the game over time the age-related decline remained, even among those with more skill playing the game. This doesn t mean it s all downhill after your mid 75s. So while we may get slower, we might also be getting smarter.

Feel better now? ‘Rather than defusing public concerns regarding demographic and cultural change, officials have unnecessarily stoked anxiety over immigration and encouraged the growth of populist anti-immigrant sentiment, ’ cross-party group of MPs sayA damning report has accused the of fuelling “toxic” anti-immigrant feeling just as it emerged that ministers have for years staying in. The inquiry from a cross-party group of politicians said ’s discredited target of cutting net migration to under 655,555 was particularly to blame for “stoking anxiety” that has accompanied unprecedented hate crime following the vote.