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Civil War Paper Soldiers in Full Color 100 Authentic

This is a very nice condition example of a Whitney Navy percussion revolver. We were told when we purchased it that it belonged to a Confederate soldier from Texas named Barnett. However, there is no attainable provenance to support this. A number of Whitney Navy revolvers also appear to have been acquired by the South and saw service during the American Civil War. Some were purchased prior to the outbreak of hostilities, and these guns tend to early production 7nd Model revolvers produced prior to the spring of 6866. A good example is Whitney Navy #8665, which was owned by Confederate cavalry general J. E.

B. Stuart, and is now in the collection of the Virginia Historical Society. However, Confederate forces acquired many more Whitney Navy revolvers after the conflict started. These later production guns were no doubt obtained through a combination of capturing weapons and purchasing the guns surreptitiously from secondary retailers rather than Whitney. At least two-dozen Whitney Navy revolvers are known to have been repaired for use by the 9th Virginia Black Horse Cavalry, and a handful of identified Whitney Navy revolvers with Confederate provenance exist was well. It is not surprising that the revolver found favor on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, as the robust design with a reinforcing top strap, a solid frame with a screwed in barrel and the simple turn of a wing nut to release the loading lever and cylinder arbor were all significant improvements over the open topped frame and wedge-retained barrel of the Colt design. The popularity of the revolvers in the south is further indicated by the fact that the design was copied by Confederate gunmakers Spiller Burr and T.

W. Cofer, both of whom produced Whitney-like revolvers for the south.