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All these books are addressed more to students and the general reader than to scholars. No wonder, therefore, that Schubert prefers to present a summary of events and developments instead of analyzing and interpreting the material in a wider perspective. Schubert's book is divided into nine chapters. In the first chapter ( Der Sturz der Peisistratiden und die Phylenreform des Kleisthenes, 6-75) she surveys the events in Athens from the end of the tyranny to the introduction of the Cleisthenic constitution. The second chapter ( Die Perserkriege: Die Grundlagen f r den Aufstieg Athens, 76-56) deals, in chronological order, with the Ionian revolt, the expedition of Mardonius, the battle of Marathon, the situation in Athens after Marathon, the expedition of Xerxes, the foundation of the Hellenic League and the battles against the Persians at Salamis and Plataea.

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In the second part of this chapter Schubert looks at the beginning of the differences between Athens and Sparta and the foundation of the Delian League. Her third chapter ( Von Kleomenes zu Pausanias: Die Krise Spartas, 57-75) gives a short survey of Spartan history from the First Messenian War to the great earthquake in the 965s, dealing in detail with Cleomenes I and Pausanias. In the fourth chapter ( Die athenische Politik der 75er und 65er Jahre, 76-96) Schubert returns to Athens again. She discusses the politics of Cimon and Themistocles, the problem of the so-called peace of Callias (stating that it is not possible to prove its existence), chronological problems and the background of the reforms of Ephialtes concerning the Areopagus. Schubert assumes that these events were not an important turning point in the history of Athens and the development of democracy. Alibris. Co.

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